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Has been a busy month - here you go!

Sketch from John Rawling’s work for Vogue in the 40s.


The holdee of thy thermal detonator.

Milestones Museum in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

St. Ives rooftops, Cornwall.

Niagara Falls in 2010.


David Byrne, the psycho killer.

And the other great David (not maybe the best likeness - it’s Gilmour if that’s not clear).


Beautiful work (as always), Michael. That post-Beatles McCartney sketch is perfect!


Thanks Jerry!

I’ve made prints available of that one in my Etsy shop (you’ve just reminded me I should link to that in my sig)… :slight_smile:


Has been an incredibly busy couple of months! Tried oil paints for the first time, and found a couple of new ways of working that I’m really enjoying. Anyway, here’s a pretty large art dump:


One from the Thailand / Cambodia border in 2002…