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Try and track down a copy of WIRED US from Jan 2017 - it had about 10 sci-fi short stories, and each was accompanied by a full page illo - some great stuff in there…


Looks good! That’s given me the kick to contact the magazine Little White Lies and see if they fancy using my illustrations on anything…thanks!


You may be able to Google a cough free PDF cough of that Wired. Just sayin’. Good idea re LWL, although I think they tend to go with an artist/designer for the entire issue. Maybe suggest some quirkier, high profile releases coming up in the next 3-6 months that they’re likely to theme an issue around - which also suit your drawing style. Help them make their minds up. I just bought LWL for the first time in a long while - and it looks fantastic:


A pic from travels around Vietnam in 2002. Sapa; a dusty old town in the mountains where time had really stood still.



David Axelrod.



Has been ages, lots of catching up to do!

The drunken sailor. Found this guy in a museum and thought he was horrific enough to deserve a sketch.

A few headshots from (a photographer who documents the weird and wonderful of US county fairs)

The King, bebbeh.


A Silver Mt Zion.

Spragga Benz.

My ode to 60s design.

And finally, worked out how to record my Photoshop sketches, so here are a couple:






A few recent drawings; Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Serge Gainsbourg, ‘sunset’, a horse and rider from a county fair, Mia Farrow from ‘See No Evil’ and Howlin’ Wolf.


Not my usual thing, but if anyone’s in the Ladbroke Grove area and spots this, it’s one of mine:

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
(doing some design work for my old record label)

Sketch-wise, here’s a Billie Holiday:

And a guy from 1938 Louisiana…


Quick thing for the day, thanks to Mark Hamill for the reference pic on Twitter!


And a couple of recent pieces I’ve been working on, from a visit to Flambards theme park / museum in Cornwall, which had a really interesting ‘Blitz Experience’.

All digitally painted; I’ve been trying to get a realistic painterly look in Photoshop. It was fun, but a challenge - today’s Han Solo was an hour of speedy joy in comparison!



Inktober! Let’s see how long I can go before I fall behind and get sad.





That last one is particularly great.


Cheers Dave! Appreciated. :slight_smile:


“Spell” for Inktober…


“Chicken” for Inktober…


So much good stuff. Are you on Instagram?


Thanks a lot! Yeah, it’s