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Feeling Sketchy


Really digging this thread, amazed at how many styles you’re able to execute. What’s the deal with ‘Grey Squirrels’ - any idea how/when it’ll be available?


Ah, am really not sure sadly - it’s currently in the hands of the writer, not sure when it’ll be published, if at all.

I’m currently looking for any paid covers work, so if you know anyone…! :grimacing:


And thanks! Funnily enough, artists are meant to stick to one style, and this is why it’s still a hobby.


I’ll keep my ears open with my writer friends. You’ve got crazy cool compositions!


I’m at the start of my creative writing journey, but I definitely dig that B&W art enough (especially the liberal use of screentone) to keep you in mind for future projects!


Thanks y’all!

Another pic with the people barely on the page:



Started a Daredevil.


Continuing a Daredevil.


Finished a Daredevil. :hugs:


What took you so long?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’m always amazed, impressed, and jealous of how quickly you can create a work of art, from sketch to finished piece.


Ah thanks, it’s just the ‘make art’ button in Photoshop, really.


Dylan (the Bob one).