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Feeling Sketchy


Really digging this thread, amazed at how many styles you’re able to execute. What’s the deal with ‘Grey Squirrels’ - any idea how/when it’ll be available?


Ah, am really not sure sadly - it’s currently in the hands of the writer, not sure when it’ll be published, if at all.

I’m currently looking for any paid covers work, so if you know anyone…! :grimacing:


And thanks! Funnily enough, artists are meant to stick to one style, and this is why it’s still a hobby.


I’ll keep my ears open with my writer friends. You’ve got crazy cool compositions!


I’m at the start of my creative writing journey, but I definitely dig that B&W art enough (especially the liberal use of screentone) to keep you in mind for future projects!


Thanks y’all!

Another pic with the people barely on the page:



Started a Daredevil.


Continuing a Daredevil.


Finished a Daredevil. :hugs:


What took you so long?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’m always amazed, impressed, and jealous of how quickly you can create a work of art, from sketch to finished piece.


Ah thanks, it’s just the ‘make art’ button in Photoshop, really.


Dylan (the Bob one).




Mixing the day job of graphic designer with my drawing work, visualising what my stuff would add to a magazine spread - I really wish people still put serialised fiction in magazines, the possibilities were so good for illustrators!


There are some nice spot illustrations for the articles that are included in single issues of the Brubaker/Phillips comics. Phillips did a lot of them, and his son has been doing them for a while now.


Ah cool. Phillips started following me on Twitter after the Tiananmen Square one, think it might be his bag!


Beautiful. Where can I get a subscription to A Made Up Magazine?


Some musician sketches - full marks if you can get them all (especially hard as a lot of them are pretty darn sketchy and some definitely aren’t household names!).