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Feeling Sketchy


Thanks, will do!

Ronnie, the colours were really tricky to do, almost abandoned the pic once or twice as I had to learn how to paint on top of greys in a bright palette. So that’s very much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Interesting. I would imagine it’s tough to strike the balance between being too garish and making the color pop just right.


One pic from each month of 2017. Been a busy year! Thanks for all the views, likes and especially comments, folks. :blush:

If you get a moment, all you social media types head on over to the following for a follow and more artwork!


Hey all, following on from the discussion upthread, I dug out the originals from the Inktober sketches.

They’re not big, so not expensive! PM me if you’re interested. :slight_smile:


Spread from a six page story I illustrated this year - ‘Grey Squirrel’, written by Luke Chilton. Always fun to get to switch styles halfway through, in this case it was a flashback to simpler times 20 years ago, so suited a more traditional inked look. And was great to draw a spy tale, right up my street. More of those, please. :slight_smile:


And another couple of pages, this time from ‘West End’ back in 2009, written by Patrick Ayers. I think my storytelling has got smarter since then, but I still like this spread.


Beautiful stuff Michael. Toppi and Bill Sienk vibe.


Thanks Kieran! Obviously massive influences. :slight_smile:

Another West End spread - let down by my inexperience in watercolours, but seemed to make sense to switch styles when we switched eras to the 50s.


:musical_score: “With a loving guarantee that even if we part, I will hold you close in a thankful heart” :notes:


Work in progress…


… for 30 years at least, based on the cover price of the comic. :wink:


My thought process was ‘I want to see peak-Ray Liotta as The Punisher’. But wearing Mike Zeck’s costume. So it needs to be an '85 one-issue micro series. :smile:


Toying with working on the background, but this mockup tickles me for now.


Starting a Psylocke one with real paint, it’s much harder than I remember!


Finished it off digitally - hoping to find time to have another go at the traditional version, but this’ll do for now.


…and because every now and then we need to be reminded about Superman The Movie:


I really like the simplicity of that one, Michael. Well done.


So great! Love your work.


Thank you!

And @njerry, thank you too. I’m definitely trying to whittle the images down to what’s necessary - I’m not much of a fan of those photo-real drawings that don’t do much apart from re-package the photo reference. I’ve found there’s something about face + hands that means you don’t always need much more than that apart from a hint of a line! :slight_smile:


…which is kind of why this one, while I like it, didn’t succeed as much (I think).