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Feeling Sketchy




Must admit I fell off the Inktober wagon, because I had this pic burning in the back of my head. Chocky made a huge impact on me as a kid, I really enjoyed making this one.


Not sure if posting these here is still getting many views, but every like is appreciated!

If I’ve never mentioned it, but you can see more stuff here:
Those on Facebook can follow stuff here, too:

Working on a new piece after learning some new painting techniques:


You took out the Ferrari?!? :wink:


Always a pleasure to see your latest sketches, @MichaelRea. Please keep 'em coming!


Cheers guys - couple of recent bits before I dip back into the Ferris pic.


And here are the pencils from the Aliens pic, in case you’re curious. :slight_smile:


As if. :smiley:






Can’t believe how close we are to release date, feels like it’s somehow sneaking up…


Finally done!


That’s great.


Thanks Dave! :slight_smile:


Do you sell any of your originals Michael? I love some of the stuff you did for inktober and I could see people wanting to buy it.


Yeah, I guess I do - I tend to do prints, but most of the Inktobers have originals I could put up.

Some of them are a bit different to the final version, but I’ll try to look for them and put them up, either on here or my Etsy shop.

Thanks for reminding me!


Ferris print is up for sale! :slight_smile:


Oooo. The Ferrari really pops.


Give me a shout when the ET one goes up. :slight_smile: