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Feeling Sketchy


Hi all,

After 30 pages ranging back to 2006, my last thread went the way of all flesh and was consumed in the fires of the MW rebirth.

It was nice to have a single place on the internet to post and discuss my daubs and doodles, and show some ideas and inspiration I’ve found on the net, so here goes Mark II. I don’t tend to do a lot of superhero stuff but dabble occasionally (recently had my Duke McQueen picture in printed in Jupiter’s Legacy #5), so please bear with my random subject matter - I’ve enjoyed Millarworld as my number 1 depository on the net as it’s a great place to stimulate discussion and evolve my artwork - everyone should have a Millarworld.

I’ve been working on some pics for a Radio Times painting competition. I don’t expect any trophies as I can’t really paint that well (always preferred mark-making to the mixing of colour), but it was a good exercise in some technique experiments I’ve been working on.

Also been really nice just working with real paint (gouache on the Endeavour pic, acrylic on the 'Girl & Bear) rather than digital - it’s nice to have a physical object at the end of it.

All crits, suggestions and comments greatly appreciated!


Nice work, Michael.


Thanks Ronnie!

Here’s a quick Kingsman sketch.


Do you rotoscope your work, Michael? I like it.


Love michael’s stuff



Ah, thanks Mark! That means a lot, considering the company you keep. :blush:


Great stuff as per usual, Michael!


Cheers Elliot! Your latest DD piece smashed it by the way.


Thanks man!
Aiming to set up a thread here again after Uni, not got long left now!


Looking forward to it!

Found this on the hard drive this morning, think I made it a long while ago and forgot to do anything with it. Bit of a Photoshop brush test…


And an American Gothic (this one’s for you, Sanjay!):


I’m kind of obsessed with an image I took in the small mountain village of Sapa in Vietnam in 2002. It’s this picture of a girl looking at the camera with defiance. I’ve felt guilty since, taking pictures of the locals like I was on safari, and she epitomises this feeling with the anger and resentment in her eyes.

On the other hand I could have been imagining it and she was just having a bad day.


Can’t remember if I posted this on MW (probably), but came across it today and thought I’d repost as it still tickles me.


Here’s another one from Vietnam - this was a lovely view of a temple in the middle of the central lake in Hanoi. Warm day.

It’s an interesting town; there were banners celebrating an exhibition at the local museum about the Vietnam War (wonder what they call it??) - the banners showed a stylised fist smashing down onto an American B-52. It’s never really portrayed in Western culture as a won-or-lost war, but in Vietnam I think it’s very much perceived that they won it.


Last one for a bit:

There she is again.


Stumbled upon this one the other day, not seen it for a while and still quite like the inking on it. Was to be the cover for an EP but they went with a more photography-led piece.


Your line work reminds of Arthur Ranson’s Button Man a wee bit and maybe a bit of Sean Phillips too. Very nourish and textured. I dig your smoother inks on the EP cover too. Have you done wider cityscapes?



I’m really annoyed at all my comic book friends now, for never introducing me to Button Man. It looks perfect! I thought you meant Axel Pressbutton for a sec, I’ve never heard of Button Man!

I’d heard of Arthur Ranson but not really checked him out - love it! It’s like a British version of Travis Charest (well, more like he’s a US version of Ranson).

I realised recently that although I’d taught myself to draw by copying people like Art Adams and John Byrne, then John Bolton and Bill Sienkiewicz, I’ve gravitated more and more towards my earliest influence, which was John Ridgway on an early issue of Transformers:

His noir-style and realism appeals to my inner five year old - ‘Man of Iron’ stuck with me for years (and then some more of his stuff in Warrior). It’s really really British, I think that’s why I loved Bryan Hitch’s art for so long.

I can see it a lot in a sequential page I did a while back:

Cityscape-wise, I did this one? But yeah, I should do a LOT more backgrounds. :smile:

Sorry, you’ve got me really analysing the origins of my style, now!


Work in progress, doing the sequel record to the one above:

Now to the colours!


Really pleased to announce that one of my pictures upthread got selected for display at Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery for the BBC Little Painting Challenge. Chosen from 27,000 entries to be in the top 1000 is nice.

Not sure which one was chosen - if anyone’s in the Manchester area and pops in, let me know if you see either of these!