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Feedback Request: First six pages of Nuclear Family


Hi all… I’ve been busy working away at a number of projects and would love some feedback on the first six issues of this book: written (by me), drawn, coloured and lettered.

Our current step is looking for a publisher. The first arc is four issues.

The concept: Edward and Jane appear to have a normal family. However, their mother is a super villain and their father is a super hero. Both parents love each other and their children – however they disagree about Edward and Jane’s future. Cecile believes the children should follow them into a life of crime. Henry believes the children should follow him into a life of crime fighting. Further complicating matters, Henry’s in-laws are retired (incarcerated) super-villain masterminds that occasionally breakout of prison to visit their grandchildren. Edward and Jane are left in the middle of the family power struggle – consistently getting tugged in two different directions. Please enjoy ‘Nuclear Family.’


I like it, the artwork is great.

Have you tried Comixology Submit to get it out there? It shouldn’t cause any issues with finding a publisher.


Really nice art. Looks like fun.


I like the art and the pacing is very good. I’d say that you definitly have a pro level for me.

The script is a little contradictory… how can a mother wish for a super-criminal career for her kids while herself settled down in her spouse role ? What futur does she see in that, since her own parents are spending half of their time in jail ? That bothers me a little, even if it’s supposed to not be taken too seriously since it’s a funny comic.