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Fear The Walking Dead


Watching now. I like how the leads are not tough hunters or cops, but teachers/administrators. I’m sold.


I’m still waiting for season 5 of TWD (2 more days!) but this looks awesome.


Favorite scene from Episode 1: The opener, where Nick flees from a walker through deserted streets, then suddenly gets hit by a car, and the camera pans up to see the rest of Los Angeles going about its business, unaware of what is coming. A not-too-subtle reminder that this is not The Walking Dead.



The resemblance and mannerisms is uncanny. the mrs even told me “that’s a young johnny depp”.

My favorite bit was when the high school student who knew about other attacks in other states was all like “nobody’s going to college…”


I didn’t really care for the pilot. The opening scene was cool, but I felt like they could have easily cut the episode by 20 minutes and been better off for it. Plus, the final scene I kind of hated. These people come across a kid their son (well one of their’s son) shot. He’s shambling about with a chest wound, tries to bite them, gets run over multiple times and it mangled to all hell yet is still moving and their reaction is a calm “what’s going on here?” Didn’t work for me.

That said, I do like the idea of watching the event unfold. I’m not sure it will have legs once the outbreak is in full force as it could struggle to differentiate itself from The Walking Dead, or simply keep my interest beyond that. But I’ll give it a few episodes to see where it goes.


I can see it working as a limited series, not as an ongoing. But my crush on Kim Dickens continues…


The music is tremendous and there’s some great looking shots.

Story wise I didn’t think much of it at all.