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FCBD- Free Comic Book Day 2015!


Thanks to all the dealers for chipping in! Free Comic Book Day is soon - real soon!

So, talk about it!

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo keep stuff close to the chest!


I’m looking forward to the DC book (for the Superman stuff, mainly) but I haven’t really looked at what else is available.


Here’s a link to the official website for anyone who wants to see what will be available.


The Scooby Doo one looks FUN.


I’ll probably check out Divergence from DC. I would like to see where Superman and Batman are going post Convergence. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one looks interesting too. If you haven’t read any of it before, I highly recommend Hip Hop Family Tree. I’m actually in the middle of Book 1 right now. I picked up the Book 1 & 2 boxed set on the strength of the FCBD book last year or the year before.


Oh and maybe Fight Club I’m interested in that book once it hits trade.


Don’t talk about that one.


There the 2000AD FCBD book and… Huh… I don’t actually know what else. Safe to say I’m not all that bothered by picking up anything else.


I’m in London but off work tomorrow, might have to see if I can snag this:

And maybe this:

EDIT Bugger! Saturday 2 May. Oh well, I’ll just get the trades.


Do they put FCBD stuff out digitally? Or does that rather defeat the object of getting people into stores? :slight_smile:


Yes, but usually a couple of days later.


I never even heard of this event until Mark posted the thread about his contest, we’ll be in costume at the store, though Hit-girl will have to carry her foam knuckle dusters and airsoft pistols since we won’t be on a closed set. Can’t wait to check out some new Superman stuff and that Mercury Heat looks pretty cool.


As Simon says, they do but usually on a delay which varies by publisher.


Please post pictures. I would love to see them.


Big Daddy Hit-Girl Fan Films

This is the thread I made in the creative section with our costume pictures.


Those are amazing.


I’m going to make all effort to get down there and pick up Mercury Heat, but there are obstacles blocking my path, metaphorical sleeping Snorlaxes.


Just wanted to say the retailers actually PAY for the “free” comic books!

Picking up a couple of issues or a trade, or a toy or three, make the shop owner(s) very happy. This is, after all, the intent!

Me, I used to cut a deal beforehand with my dealer (earlier than this, but advice for next year) and pay 50¢ an issue for what I wanted. The dealer used to pay about 35¢ an issue, and I was more than a regular customer. Got every issue desired. (Also my hard copy of Previews - but that was then. Damn damn damn do I miss Brian and Cabin Fever Comics!!!)

Do you still have a LCS? Support them! Help if possible!

Are you a dealer? Thank you! I know what kind of hard work you put in every day!
(One tip; always keep your floors spotless and polished. Odd as it seems, this reduces pilferage by about 50%, or so the local BBB tells me in 90,000 unrelated words. Also, an open cube set of boxes, 6-12 depending on the size of the store, behind the counter and with numbered tags is good to put customers handbags and backpacks and such “for convenience in shopping” reduces impulse pilfering another 10%-20%. The bigger the store the more this helps.)

And I want to see if James at Isotope is going to wear his Doctor Strange outfit this year!


Thanks Simon :smile:

I just came back from a costume supply run and stopped in the comic store to see what time we should be there tomorrow, I talked to the guys there for a few minutes and next thing I know I’m walking out with a bag containing MPH 1-5, Batman Year One intro and Wytches intro! :wink:


Digital edition of the Tales of Honour FCBD:

Neat little read.