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Favourite Comicbook Event or Crossover


Didn’t Claremont disavow Cable (along with everything else he didn’t personally write) when he launched X-Men Forever?


Hmm. I’m not sure. I didn’t read X-Men Forever but Claremont featured Cable pretty heavily when he returned to the X-Men in the early 2000’s.


Yeah. I remember that (I had such high hopes for that run :flushed:), but XF was supposed to be “what Claremont would have done had he written X-Men #4 onwards”. I think that “invalidated” everything in continuity since #3.


Wasn’t the whole “Cable and Stryfe are twins!” thing something Liefeld and Niceaza pulled out of their asses to have a big cliffhanger for New Mutants to lead into X-Force, and they had no idea what the explanation would be?


As is often the case with these kinds of questions, Brian Cronin is your friend. :slight_smile:

[quote]I’m taking a special approach to the column this week, with a special “What’s the deal with Cable’s origin(s)?” theme week.

Let’s begin!

I noticed over the years that I have collected a great deal of various questions involving the creation and development of the character Cable. And since answering ONE of these questions is often, in effect, answering all the OTHERS, I’ve decided to just devote one full column just to questions about Cable and answer them all at once![/quote]


Or Millarworld Fan Chats if you want it straight from the horse’s mouth. :wink:


As far as I’m aware, Liefeld wanted Cable to be Stryfe’s clone from the start and Marvel made him do Stryfe as Cable’s clone.


The Return of Bruce Wayne crossover was probably the most exciting monthly comics reading experience for me. It consisted of the ROBW mini-series and tie-in issues from Batman and Robin and Batman, all written by Grant Morrison with great art by the likes of Frazer Irving, Chris Sprouse, Ryan Sook, Andy Clarke, and Tony Daniel.


Good choice!

I think the highlighted part is important here.

Like Final Crisis, “Return of Bruce Wayne” had other tie-ins and spin-offs that weren’t written by Morrison, and they didn’t hold up as well as the Morrison-penned stuff. With both I just stuck to the ‘core’ stories written by him and largely ignored the rest.

Especially at the time of Final Crisis, he had a bit of a reputation of not meshing brilliantly with other writers on this kind of thing, which is maybe why something like Multiversity ended up being a Morrison-only project (when it could have potentially had a much larger scope).


Oh wow, I don’t even remember there being other tie-ins. But then, I don’t think I was buying many DC books not written by Morrison at the time.


A few scattered one-shots I think (under the banner of “Return of Bruce Wayne: The Road Home”) - and wasn’t there also a Time Masters mini too, about them searching through time for him? I think so.

I didn’t mean to seem like I was correcting you, anyway, just saying that I felt the same - the event really only went as far as Morrison’s work as far as I was concerned.


I didn’t think you were, I was just surprised I’d completely forgotten about them. But “The Road Home” does sound familiar. I definitely skipped out on them, though.


My brother collected the comics where Bruce traveled through time to get back, he liked them. I haven’t read them myself. He goes all caveman, pirate and other shit.


Final Crisis is my favourite event. I must have read it half a dozen times and still get something new from it each time.

I also have a real fondness for Blackest Night. Something just clicked in that event for me, I found it all really exciting and disturbing. I even enjoyed a lot of the tie ins.

Crossover wise I need to go for Seven Soldiers which was incredibly ambitious and stand up well as both a crossover and a cracking bunch of mini series.


Cable’s far from being X-Punisher.

Cable is (well, was - I haven’t kept up with X-Books) my favourite part of X-lore.


Is it more cohesive than Infinite Crisis? I had no idea what was going on from issue to issue because I wasn’t reading the full ins.


How did I forget about 7S?! That’s gonna have to replace ROBW for me.


I haven’t read a ton of Cable stuff, but he’s always seemed to me like a cross between Wolverine and Professor X. Proactive about taking out enemies permanently but also a dedicated mentor to young mutants.


I forgot about the Sinestro Corps War. Nice, tight little crossover where so, so much stuff happened. The one shot that started the crossover was spectacular. Art across all issues and the very few tie ins was great.

Actually, I might reread that tonight.


I haven’t read much Cable beyond the start of X-Cutioner’s Song but early on he was pretty Punisher-esque, the growling military hardass not afraid to cross the line. I’ve probably read about 30-50 Cable comics total and don’t recall him having a distinct personality, same with Punisher. Their first appearances:

I don’t know much of what happened since with him and if people like him great. This was 25 years ago so a lot obviously has happened since that I haven’t kept up with.