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Favourite Comicbook Event or Crossover


Crossovers. Events. Call them what you will. More & more frequently these days we see them as a pain, a nuisance, and jumping off point.

In recent times, for example, it was a big factor in my decision to drop Suicide Squad.

But, once upon a time, I bet you loved them. I know I did.

So, for a change, how about we talk about our favourites?

To qualify, the story has to be a genuine crossover between two or more separate ongoing titles (a la X-tinction Agenda); or have been it’s own separate event mini-series (a la Final Crisis).

For me, personally, my “golden age” of comic book reading was the summer of 1993. And the main reasons were Knightfall in the Batman books, and Reign of the Supermen.

Both stories were huge in scope, with epic twists & turns. New chapters came out every single week. The creators were intimately familiar with the characters, and neither story had them acting out of character to service an inane plot line.

I’ve read much better comics in the decades since then, but I’ve never been more excited for the weekly trip to my local.

How about you?


Mine is not old. I think the best crossover was Infinity.


Ever? Don’t get me wrong, I liked it too. Just curious.


Yes, it’s an area for me where nostalgia doesn’t hold much sway. I grew up with the X-Comics and I think when they embraced events and crossovers is when they went downhill.

I think Hickman is supremely placed for that kind of book as he is very plot oriented and he does these crazy plans for 70 issues in advance. It’s the most consistent I have ever read and as such I think the best. To some degree it’s not really high praise, I think most of them are shit.


I’m tempted to say the Sinestro Corps War.


Age of Apocalypse: While there were some events leading up to it and some fallout, it was a very self-contained event. If was a lot of fun and put a great spin on classic characters.


Ironically, it was the return to status quo after the phenomenal Age of Apocalypse storyline that led me to drop all the X-Books after having collected them all continuously since waaaaay back in 1986.

Coincidentally (because the deluxe HC was just released today), my favorite “event” series is this one:


Never read it. But I’ve got that HC on order. Can’t wait!


Probably Annihilation. Like Gar I don’t have much affection for the older ones although as a kid I loved some of them.


I have some affection for the original Secret Wars but I know it’s not really a good comic.

Final Crisis is probably my favourite, for its ambition as much as anything else. It tried to do something greater than just a standard superhero event, and while it wasn’t perfect, I think it was something special.


I tried to re-read the original Secret Wars a few years back. It was really quite dire. Loved it at the time though.


Yeah, I can’t make it through the full series these days. Still some fun Doctor Doom moments though, especially towards the end.


I’d say maybe Annihilation or War of Kings, although I have a soft spot for Operation Galactic Storm.


Oh man! Operation Galactic Storm was really fun. I remember being as pissed as Walker was when Clint became Goliath and stole his spot on the offensive team. Stupid futzing Barton.


O:GS was really good and looking back on it, it was an early view of the Tony vs Steve dynamic.


I quite liked the recent Secret Wars, as a stealth FF story. And I thought Spider-Island was a lot of fun.

But the one that really stands out is Trifecta 2000AD.


[quote=“MartinSmith, post:13, topic:9646”]
I have a soft spot for Operation Galactic Storm.
[/quote]I bought the individual issues as they were published, and the two TPBs that were released a few years ago. That was a good one.


I love everything about the original Secret Wars. All of it. The art is fantastic. The plot moves rapidly. It’s preposterous but in a great way. It has amazing character moments you’d normally never see. It’s full or imagination and adventure and every character gets their time to shine. It’s the greatest Doom has ever been. It makes Galactus astounding. It made the Wrecking Crew my favorite bunch of layabouts. And every cover is amazing.

It’s of it’s time, but with that context I don’t think it’s ever been bested.

Except by Infinity Gauntlet. That book is amazballs.


I Think i´ll have to go with “Final Crisis”, altough i have enjoyed very much “Civil War”, and the crossover betwen PLanetary and Batman.


X-Force/Spider-Man: Sabotage - It was a single issue of both series done entirely sideways with Rob Liefeld and Todd McFarlane at the top of their game just before they skipped out on Marvel for Image.