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Favorite Star Wars rip-offs


For fun in anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars film (which, as it is not controlled by Lucas could qualify as a “rip off”), what are your favorite STAR WARS rip-offs from the good old days when a rip-off was clearly a rip off?

Here are a few selections I remember, starting with the most blatant and awesomely awful:

The “Italian” Star Wars

The “Japanese” Star Wars

Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saved the World)

Better known as the “absolutely insane Turkish Star Wars” it actually begins with the destruction of the Death Star in the first scene and uses actual shots stolen from STAR WARS!!

The “Disney” Star Wars (before, y’know, Disney bought Star Wars)

And a few “controversial” entries, but you have to admit that (come on!) these were meant to be STAR WARS rip-offs:

Finally, my choice for BEST Star Wars Rip-Off of All Time is brought to you by Roger Corman (director), John Sayles (screenplay), James Cameron (production designer and special effects) and James Horner (music)


The “Seven Samurai” Star Wars


OK, let’s be perfectly honest:


The Last Starfighter was an amazing movie! I haven’t seen it since it first hit VHS, but as a youngling I thought was the next best thing to Star Wars. When Robert Preston wiped his face off in the car… A-blew-a my a-mind-a…


Another great one! Kelly Zollo’s house, sleep over… Damn… Miss being a kid…


Still the best one:

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Does the original Battlestar Galactica count (or the remake for that matter)?

Or am I correct in remembering that there was a court case about that and it was found that BSG was not in fact a rip off and was based on the biblical Exodus story?

So legally it isn’t a rip off.


Ah, yes - I was thinking more of films by BSG (the original) was a blatant SW rip, that some might call

The “Mormon” Star Wars

“Battlestar Galactica,” in essence, was Mormons in space.

Glen Larson, himself a Latter-day Saint, had infused his series mythology with too many Mormon references to ignore. His Twelve Colonies of Man were essentially the Lost Tribes of Israel whose history began at Kobol, an obvious anagram for Kolob, which, in Mormon theology, is the star nearest to the throne of God. The colonies were led by a “Quorum of 12,” and marriages were referred to as “sealings” that extended beyond mortality and “through all the eternities.” The show never shied away from religious themes, and, at one point, the characters encounter a group of angels who paraphrase LDS Church President Lorenzo Snow.

“As you are, we once were,” the angels tell the Galactica crew. “As we are, you may become.”

For that matter, STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE actually felt more like a STAR WARS rip off than a STAR TREK movie. WRATH OF KHAN is really when the films developed their own style.


A number of years ago, I was interviewing for what I thought to be a legit (meaning paying) Ghostwriting job.

I’d been told to create a Star Wars fan fic story for the interview. This is after I’d introduced myself and submitted some comic scripts and prose.

He told me he liked it and said I was a finalist (yeah; not really). I was then asked to write another. One with Jedi as the protagonists. The 2nd wasn’t as good as the first, but it didn’t matter.

He wanted to have someone ghost write a Star Wars knock off novel. If I had access to my old e-mail; I’d post our exchanges. His dream/brilliant plan was to write a book ripping off a major franchise and get sued for it. Forcing the publisher that picked it up to pay him out.

He wanted his 15 minutes of fame so badly. A quote I’ll never forget from him, after I told I couldn’t do it as a writer. I couldn’t intentionally plagiarize something, He said, “Fine. You can go off an be the a great American Author. I’ll live the dream. I’ll be on the Today show being interviewed by Matt Lauer.”

He was the funniest person I’ve met as a writer so far…and I’ve written Indian porn comics.


Did you keep those emails too? :slight_smile:

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Another victim of the old e-mail. I do recall several conversations about things not being hot enough for him. He really wanted there to be humanoid animals doing it in as many stories as possible.

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I didn’t realize sci-fi was created by Star Wars. George Lucas should get some royalty checks.


He does!

For these, really, it’s mostly movies that came out in the wake of the films that would not have been produced if not for Star Wars. A few are outright ripoff and others are a bit more original.

Ironically, some that are outright rip offs like BSG and BBTS are more enjoyable than the more original like FLASH GORDON and DUNE.

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