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Favorite ongoing comic and TV show


There are a few negative threads going right now. Let’s have a positive one. What is your favorite ongoing comic and TV program? It could be in between seasons, as long as there will be more of it.

Please list one each if you can help it. Threads like these can be good resources for recommendations but not if everyone lists 8 things. I’ll go:

Comic: Superman. I’m as surprised about this as anyone, but it seems right. Tomasi and Gleason have a book here that is layered, funny, suspenseful. They’re doing tricks with foreshadowing that more-renowned creators get lots of praise for, but they’re doing it low-key and not getting as much hyperbole. There are more intellectually engaging and better artsy books out there, but this is pure superhero comics in a very refreshing way.

TV show: Halt and Catch Fire. I don’t watch as much TV as everyone else, but especially with Fargo having fallen off a bit, this is the one I most look forward to watching. It doesn’t feel particularly accurate and some of the melodrama doesn’t do much for me, but it’s a lot of fun to see people at work in this era and environment, and plot hums along very smoothly.


Comic: I’m reading very few monthly comics, but that actually makes the choice harder because there’s no “flab” I can discount. I think Astro City, and I think I could have given you the same answer at almost any point over the last 20 years. Quality goes up and down as not every story hits the bullseye, but there’s never been anything I would call a “bad” issue, and by definition there’s never any “filler”. The last couple of issue have been among the best the series has ever produced.

TV show: I think I only have four current series to choose from. My favourite is Supergirl, and yes I realise it’s flawed, and there are elements that are downright bad, but I still find it entertaining, and more emotionally satisfying than anything else on at the moment.


Good idea for a thread.

Comic: Kill Or Be Killed, probably. It’s Brubaker & Phillips, which should already be enough of a recommendation, but as with all their projects it offers something a little different to what they’ve done before. It’s a good mix of occasional supernatural weirdness and street-level vigilante stuff, laced with dark, irreverent humour and lots of interesting characters. There’s a bit of stylistic experimentation too, which keeps things fresh. In a simple terms, it’s like a more adult, brutal and twisted take on Kick-Ass.

TV show: Better Call Saul. I’ve raved about this in the ‘watching’ thread endlessly, but it really is a fantastic show that is strong enough to completely stand apart from its Breaking Bad connections (although those are enjoyable too). Over three seasons (the third just ended) they’ve crafted some fantastic characters and relationships, constantly challenging you over the murky morality of the main players and the complicated motivations for their actions. The leads are amazing but the supporting cast is incredibly strong too, with threads involving secondary characters becoming some of my favourite parts of the show. Its pace is maybe a little slow for some people - especially in the earlier episodes - but it has built into something quite special.


Comic: The Wild Storm. It’s the first thing that’s come out in ages that’s excited me to the point wher eI actually want to buy a physical copy. Ellis firing on all cylinders.

TV: The Expanse. And don’t get me wrong, the other shows I rave about - Silicon Valley, Veep, Another Period, Idiotsitter, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Twin Peaks, Westworld and so on are still great, but The Expanse is doing a few things that I think are really important - first it’s another show in the vein of Game of Thrones in terms of adapting a novel and staying very close to the source material while also managing to do its own thing; and second it’s a hard SF TV show that understands that the fans are intelligent enough to get the real-world science in the show without having exposition shoved down their throats.


Comic: Stray Bullets
It might be stuck in the longest arc of all time now with no end in sight, but it’s always been a favorite and now remains just the only candidate. Lapham can write dark crime comedy and this never-ending arc is chockful of it.

Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Cause Season 9 is coming this year so that counts! Haha, but in all seriousness, hard for me to choose because when I fully enjoy a show it’s hard to really set it apart from others. Equally valid answers from me would be Animals, iZombie, and Gotham.



I’ll try stop myself making this too convoluted.

Comic: 2000AD
A LOT of stuff at the top of my must reads list has ended recently and I have to say that there’s a bunch of DC titles than I’m loving reading every month as well as the likes of Southern Bastards which I look forward to each time a new volume comes out, but 2000AD has been on fire again and of top quality since the turn of the year.
Dredd has been brilliant, Brink and Kingdom by Abnett, Defoe by Mills and McNeill, Kingmaker by Edington - just really great, uncompromising & subversive stuff.
Matt Smith continues to do a tremendous job as editor.

TV: Twin Peaks The Return
This just pips Better Call Saul and Ray Donovan as the most addictive show I watch.
There’s nothing else like it and it’s actually a vast improvement over the original, which I also have a fondness for, but it doesn’t hold up over the course.

The most amazing characters and brilliant sound design & soundtrack, blended with horror, comedy, tragedy, observation, suspense and drama.
This has elevated television as a medium and hope it has the same influence as its earlier incarnation 25 years ago when it pushed things forward.


Wow, great idea for a thread, @RobertB. Though my two favorites have already been taken.

Comic: Superman - For the longest time, all I’ve ever wanted was an ongoing Superman book that I enjoyed reading. This book is the epitome of that and is probably the best an ongoing Superman book has been since I started reading comics. It’s fun, a bit crazy, has huge action and really is kind of sweet in the family dynamic. The twice-a-month publishing also gives it this crazy momentum that continually keeps me engaged. I really can’t say enough good things about this book.

TV show: The Expanse - I honestly don’t watch a lot of TV and when I do, it tends to be Netflix (or in this case Amazon Prime). Even there, I tend to not be a binge watcher and generally slowly make it through something I’m interested in. In contrast, my wife and I crushed the first season of this show in probably less than a week (very fast for me). Each episode moved so quickly and packed so much in that we were surprised that it was already over. It packed a hard sci-fi punch with a great mystery. Even my wife who doesn’t like sci-fi was sucked in. I can’t wait for the second season to hit Prime.


Comic: While I have totally enjoyed Reborn and the first year of Wonder Woman, I’m really looking forward to Black Magick, I’m old and like reading something new.
One day, perhaps the whole Jupiter’s Children tale may be read in whole.

TV: Changes every episode! Best payoffs this past season were Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham. Supergirl handing Superman his bubble butt was also pretty entertaining.


That would have been more entertaining if they hadn’t ruined the effect by being utterly blunt about it in the immediate dialogue right after.



Super Sons has got me hooked and I never thought I’d be into a book like this.

Better Call Saul, while mostly spinning it’s wheels this season, is still better than most television right now.
Bloodlines would be my current runner up…The show has a slow pace but the last few episodes of this season are really throttling up the tension.


Favourite ongoing comic: Detective Comics is the perfect superhero comic book. Great writing, beautiful artwork, exciting cliffhangers, and some of my all time favourite characters. It’s pure, sweet, weaponised nostalgia, and I can’t get enough of it. There are better comics out there. Lots of them. But nothing excites me more than this one.

Favourite ongoing TV show is hard. I don’t really watch a lot of TV, and when I do it’s something old on Netflix or a show I’ve been following all along. I still enjoy Supernatural, even though it’s a pale shadow of what it used to be. I recently started watching Big Bang Theory, but we’re quite far behind (just starting season 6). Netflix’ Daredevil is ace - does that count? If not, I’d probably go for something like Brooklyn Nine Nine. Love that show.


Totally agree with both of these - they’re both really well written, with excellent characterisation and slow-burn plotting


Comic: This is a tough one, but I’m going for Jupiter’s Legacy. I’m generally not a superpowers comic fan, and find most superpowers comics stuck in naive Silver Age mode. However, Legacy, like Marvelman and DKR, brings a kind of authenticity to the absurd. I’ve been so won over that I have drafted a Legacy-inspired superpowers comic series of my own, which still surprises even me.

TV: I’m really enjoying The Handmaid’s Tale at the moment. I was so very proud of myself when I finished the novel a few years ago, because I find Atwood’s metaphoric diahorria so overpowering, particularly at chapter beginnings, that I usually quit early doors. Elisabeth Moss is outstanding as Offred, with the rest of the cast not far behind. A great example of a well-produced adaptation.


Comic: Monstress by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda. The first volume is one of the finest examples of fantasy storytelling and worldbuilding that I’ve ever seen. In six issues, Liu & Takeda lay out the foundation of an entire world, society, and system of magic that, if they keep up the high quality, will earn its place among the greats of the genre.

The cast is roughly 80% women and Liu writes them with the whole spectrum of human emotion, not shying away from any messiness, cruelty, or evil in their character. It’s refreshing to see that, in a medium where it’s much easier to find female characters written by men, who are often less willing to dig deep into the flaws of the women they write, than by women.

TV show: Twin Peaks: The Return by David Lynch, Mark Frost, and one of the biggest, finest casts ever assembled for TV. As @ChrisS says, it’s elevated TV. Even excellent shows like Better Call Saul, The Leftovers, and Legion pale in comparison to it. It’s a pure expression of Lynch’s vision, more him than anything he’s done save Inland Empire. He is making a show for an audience of one–himself–and it’s fascinating to watch. There’s no fear, no uncertainty. Just every thought and sensation of a genius artist in his 70s exploding onto the screen. Very few artists produce their best work in old age. What Lynch has done with his return to Twin Peaks isn’t just great television, it’s precious.


Comis: Lazarus
Rucka and Lark are making wonders with this one.
Social commentary, Sci Fi, Shakespearean family drama, and undiying people slicing each other with swords. What can go wrong?
To mbad, it is in a hiatus right now, but still, if you are not reading it, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

TV Show: Billions (With Better call Saul in close second).
You prbably don´t know this but i´m a real sucker for stories about “The economy” (Despite I can do a simple Math problem without a calculator). Since “Margin Call”, “To big to fail” and “The Big Short”; the themes of greed, obsession and wanton corruption inside Wall Street has always fascinated me.
This series has all of that, lus Human drama, real stakes and freaking Paul Giamatti, an actor, i belive, should be in EVERY tv show ever.


I’ve had the first issue of this in my ComiXology pile for a while. I really do need to read it.


The first issue is great. It’s 60 pages and basically acts as a mission statement for the tone of the series. One of those comics that hits the stands fully formed.


Comic - Superman
Been a while since I’ve said it and meant it, but this has been really, really good. The twice monthly shipping had me nervous at first, moreso when I realized I loved the title. But a high quality has been maintained (both in storytelling, and art), and I pray it stays like that. I’ve been spoiled.

TV: The Expanse
I could’ve easily said a lot of other things, but high quality, intelligent sci-fi? Something I can get other people into (the ones highly resistant to such)?
Yes, sign me up and I’ll pimp for you (which has worked).

Really, this should’ve come out after BSG ended because a ball was dropped, and nothing done to keep a mainstream connection, but that’s another conversation for another day (and this thread is about positivity!)
Damn good show.


I’m pretty much done reading current ongoing comics aside from being hyped into Secret Empire and the recent Watchmen DCU issues.

So far as TV shows go, I’ll echo the love for Better Call Saul. It is truly remarkable that Vince Gilligan can essentially make lightning strike twice in the same spot by turning this prequel into something on par with Breaking Bad. The show might not ever be quite as intense or action-driven as the adventures of Walter White but it has a far more effective character-driven narrative.

I wonder if there is any chance Gilligan could use this to generate a third show, possibly showing what happens to Nacho in a post-BCS, post-BB world? Assuming the character survives BCS, of course. Michael Mando has been the star supporting actor to this show just as Bob Odenkirk was in BB, albeit in a completely different way.


Nacho Man
In Like Flynn
The Skyler’s The Limit
On the Guses
Marie Queen of Shoplifting

…the possibilities are endless.