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Fascinating overview of the HUCK series

The writer here totally gets everything Rafa and I were going for with this series…



This is a great article. People would be well served to read it and really think about it. Congrats to the author.

It’s interesting seeing your Millarworld work. The running theme of anyone can be a hero comes up repeatedly. In Wanted it goes pretty wrong, but Kick Ass reset that notion, and books like Nemesis, MPH, Kingsman, Huck and maybe Superior most of all really focus on the repeated idea that regular people can be heroes, and not all of them need super powers. It’s a great message, and something that feels missing in this age of big corporate brands. It also feels like quite personal work, which is why I think MW thrives in a way most indie books don’t.

It’s a theme well worth remembering, and might be what most readers are ultimately looking for in comic books.


That was a great article, Mark. I think one of the reasons I love Huck so much is that he is the kind of person I attempt to be sans superpowers on a daily basis. He’s a great ideal to look up to.


Not everyone could become dread avengers of the night and fight crime (which I guess is the point of Kick-Ass). Most of us can try to be a bit kinder to others.


Thank you, @Mark_Millar, for sharing the article and thank you, @JimOHara @RonnieM and @SimonJones for your awesome comments. ‘Huck’ is truly a wonderful book and I can’t wait for the future installments to come.