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Fascinating article on Wonder Woman's marketing campaign




The article makes a really good point about the ads and trailers being a lot more restrained in giving away the plot compared to BvS, which is a good improvement.

There’s been loads of ads for Wonder Woman in the UK airings of the DC shows this week and last, but weirdly, they’re mostly from Sky trying to get people to pre-order it on their digital marketplace, rather than ads for the film’s theatrical release.


Some people felt there wasn’t enough marketing?


Yeah, which is understandable. With the previous movie Suicide Squad they were releasing clips, character centric mini trailers, and more promo images in the week before the movie opened.

I can see how people would feel the marketing for Wonder Woman is lacking in comparison.


Hmm. I guess at some point I just quit paying attention as I would prefer not to know anymore about a film before I see it. Maybe that’s why my perception is different.


Warners seemed to do a good job selling this as a movie for women - first female lead superhero movie (let’s pretend there weren’t others previously), female director in charge of a big budget. They made sure the headlines were about record smashing for a female movie. It worked I believe - I think I read women were the majority of the audience. And of course those box office returns can’t be debated.

I think one of the big differences was Gal Gadot. She seems personable and made social media work for her. I think only Chris Pratt previously was able to be so humble and connected with the fans. I think she’ll have alot of ardent supporters for the next few years. It’s a pretty great skill to be able to pull off - last week there was discussions about The Rock using social media in the wrong way about Baywatch.


Clearly it worked. I think the campaign was pretty well thought out and targetted. I didn’t see a lot of the things in the article, I don’t use Snapchat for example, but the bits I did see looked good and made the movie something i wanted to see.

Jim’s totally right that Gadot has been key. She’s handled all her PR duties and come across as a very good, positive person. People want to like her and the movie.

Hats off to Warner Bros.


I think it’s also worth emphasising that the film is very good and has been well-received by critics and audiences. That has given it a certain amount of pre-release buzz (from early reviews) that has been maintained after release by good word of mouth and positive reactions from people who have seen it.

That’s not to discount the importance of marketing regardless of the quality of the film being marketed, of course, but I do think that having a good movie to sell to people helps.


Traditional counterpoint; Transformers. :wink:

But yes, I’m sure it’s been a huge help. It deserves it’s success.


And it feels so fresh.
I’m not a big claimant of “superhero fatigue”, but I can understand why those claims are being made.

With Wonder Woman, the tone and construction of it, felt like something we haven’t seen in a long time.
I welcome it back.


[quote=“steveuk, post:10, topic:10119, full:true”]

Traditional counterpoint; Transformers. ;)[/quote]
Hey, I didn’t say you can’t sell a bad film, just that it helps to have a good one. :slight_smile:


… and there were no such things as comic books, not writers not artists thereof, and they were ignored forever even below that blackest of sheep, television.


This is true and you’re hearing stories about women crying during the film because their gender has never been portrayed that way. Stories about how WW shows strength and power while also showing the regard for life and humanity that men sometimes lack.

They recognized there was an audience here and let the audience find it. Word of mouth is going crazy and it was organic, saving them a fortune on marketing. It’s really the smartest thing they’ve done in a decade.

DC’s last film starred a woman and a black man, and the two villains were both women. Their new one stars a woman with a woman director. It makes Marvel look behind the times…they’ve made like 15 movies now and still only have one prominent woman, who they won’t give her a solo film and mostly have her take out bad guys by wrapping her legs around them like a sex kitten in a Bond film. I suspect this will change soon however.


You’re right. We shouldn’t take something like a character like Amanda Waller lightly. It’s kinda rare.

Hopefully we get Circe in WW2.


Marvel must be kicking themselves for not getting Captain Marvel out last year. They had a window to create a character that would inspire a generation of young women and Wonder Woman stole that prize. It’s a ridiculous miss by Disney. I’m sure it’ll cost hundreds of millions.


Captain Marvel is trickier cause of Marvell.
Wonder Woman ain’t really got to go through from another in her origin.


She’s not really related to Mar Vell’s story though, they just adopted the name and handed the Ms Marvel one down. I’d expect Marvel will ignore that and just tell the Ms Marvel story with the new name.


Captain Marvel Writers: “One psyche magnetron to go!”

I really hope Monica is tied into her story.


Which is kinda missed opportunity


In a sense (and as a Monica fan I can see Hank’s desire there too) but I don’t think it’s a good narrative for a 2 hour film that sets up all this legacy which would have to be handled with exposition (and try and fit into the MCU timeline). Especially as the 3 Captains Marvel aren’t really related much outside the name.

I suspect going by their form so far we’re more likely to see easter egg nods to Mar Vell and Monica.