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FAO Shawn Milazzo & Edgy


Dear Gents,

Re this year’s annual.

I’ve been talking to you both on Twitter and I know you’ve both been posting up on random threads, As I explained, there’s a lot of traffic here and I simply won’t see anything that isn’t in the official submission thread so I encourage people not to post anything for the competition outside of the guidelines.

We don’t look at people as teams, choosing an artist and a writer individually and then I pair them up later when I choose an art style that suits a character and genre. The mods and I have broken down there writer entries and each have our own group to read through so if Shawn’s Supercrooks group reaches the final 6 of Supercrooks six I’ll read it. Edgy’s art I’ve seen, but as the solo art judge I’ll be looking at this myself Monday and Tuesday in relation to everything else submitted,

Like I said, you won’t be judged together but keep an eye out for the 23rd of the month when the winners get announced.

Best of luck all!




I keep kicking myself for not entering. At least the writing. I’ve been working my own submission with writing and pencils.


I appreciate the post. I’m very aware of the rules. No expectations, thanks again!



I’m not sure what this means…


Amied at the chief, not you fella :wink:


Ah, I see. Stay Safe these holidays!


I’m cooking so…:grimacing:

Merry Christmas to you too