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Fantasy EIC -You are running Marvel Comics!


Writer and artist on all core titles. Sky’s the limit… you can afford anyone. Who gets the gigs to revitalise the line?



Joss Whedon & Stuart Immonen: Amazing Spider-Man

Grant Morrison & Jim Lee: Avengers

Scott Snyder & David Aja: Daredevil

Warren Ellis & Frank Quitely: Fantastic Four

Geoff Johns & Fiona Staples: Uncanny X-Men

Matt Fraction & Chris Bachalo: Deadpool

Brian Michael Bendis & Sean Phillips: Alias Jessica Jones

I think I’d read those.


Some good choices, especially Johns and Staples! I wouldn’t put Grant on Avengers though. Maybe Joss instead? :wink:
Grant can go on a Spider-Man book with Cameron Stewart.


Mark Waid and Adrian Alphona “Amazing Spider-Man”

Geoff Johns and Greg Capullo “Avengers”

G Willow Wilson and Tradd Moore “Daredevil”

Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch “Fantastic Four”

Brian K Vaughan and Chris Samnee “X-Men”

Gail Simone and John Romita Jr “Ms Marvel”

Ryan North and Erica Henderson “Deadpool”

Neil Gaiman and Steve Ditko “Dr Strange”

And my final step of being in charge would be bringing back Brian K Vaughan and Adrian Alphona on “Runaways” and hassling the TV guys to make a Runaways tv show.


You know this one happened already, right? It was pretty great if you haven’t checked it out.


Oh and hell why not add

Alan Moore and Mike Mignola on a “Man-Thing/Howard the Duck” book


I realised Millar wrote it before but not Hitch as artist, it’s been one I have been meaning to check out for ages. To Marvel Unlimited!

Was trying to think of a team that could potentially get people reading those guys again. My alternate can be Joss Whedon and Jim Lee.


Millar and Hitch were on Fantastic Four for 12 issues together, #554-569. It’s now collected in two trades World’s Greatest and The Masters of Doom.


after her rebellious phase under Hopeless is done, put Jessica Drew back in Shield and have Bru and Philips write her. sorta like a female “sleeper” even.

Gail Simone and Nicola Scott on “Hawkeye’s Exe’s” Bobbi is the smart one, Jess is the sexy one. Nat is the serious one.

Giffen and Dematties back on the Defenders because Marvel needs more UMAR!

Slott and Byrne on She Hulk and Deadpool. Slott and Byrne(funny Byrne, not serious, crotchety one) play dueling Shulkies.With Deadpool along, there will be multiple personalities galore and they won’t just break the fourth wall, they’ll shatter it into a million pieces.

Simone and Calafiore bring their “secret Six” magic to Marvel and restart “Thunderbolts”

Hickman went from Ultimates to Avengers, why can’t their creators? Millar/Hitch on Avengers

Fantastic Four by the Immonens with a heavy focus on Reed and Sue

Hickman/Perez on a cosmic level Xmen book with as many characters as possible. this one might not be a monthly but it would still be worth it.


Old Man Logan: Robert Kirkman & Leinil Francis Yu
Uncanny X-Men: Grant Morrison & Adam Kubert
Captain Marvel: Joss Whedon & David Finch
Scarlett Witch: Brian Michael Bendis & Frank Cho
Amazing Spider-Man: Sam Raimi (Yes really! I would ask him to finish part 4, 5 and 6 of the original Spider-Man movies in this series) & John Romita Jr.


Some great picks but David Finch, really? For Captain Marvel? Don’t you think he’s damaged Wonder Woman enough?


Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena: The Mighty Thor AND HERE’S FREAKIN WHY!

Cullen Bunn and Greg Capullo: Venom

Scott Snyder and Valerio Schiti: Daredevil

Jonathan Hickman and Lienil Yu: Guardians of the Galaxy

Mark Millar and multiple artists: A proper finale to the Ultimate Universe.

Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley: Luke Skywalker

Jonathan Hickman (Yes, I’m a fanboy) and Esad Ribic: Darth Vader/The Emperor/The Empire. Really just something big, and Star Wars-ey, and evil.


So we’re agreed, Scott Snyder needs to write Daredevil? Good.


I would need to share some serious words with the person who thinks Snyder shouldn’t write Daredevil. His writing style is perfect for the character.

That said, Snyder has said that he’s had an idea for a Captain America story for years now. I would also take this if Daredevil was off the table.


Hopefully it guest-stars Daredevil.


Garth Ennis & Goran Sudzuka - Nick Fury

Brian Azzarello & Edwardo Risso - Daredevil

Nick Spencer & Fiona Staples - Runaways

Joe Hill & Simon Bisley - The Incredible Hulk

Bryan K Vaughan & Mike Norton - Guardians of the Galaxy

Jason Aaron & Gabriel Rodriguez - Amazing Spider-Man

Greg Rucka & Dave Gibbons - Captain America

Peter Milligan & Leandro Fernandez - The Punisher

Kurt Busiek & Ben Dewey - Thor

Tim Seeley & Guilemme March - Black Widow

Scott Snyder & Francesco Francavilla - Blade

Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely - The Avengers


Honestly, if they were going to put Morrison and Quitely on anything I would want it to be Fantastic Four. Can you imagine a FF book with the feel of All-Star Superman? It would be glorious.


Honestly I would read just about anything with Millar or Morrison and Quitely. I think it would have to be a mini or something like that though. The non-Quitely issues of New X-Men didn’t have the same feel as the ones with him.


Can we get Azzarello and Risso on a Nick Fury (white, cigar chomping, eyepatch) book? I imagine him somewhere between Agent Graves and Sgt. Rock.


I’d pick up Sam Raimi’s Spidey in a heartbeat