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Fantasy EIC - You are running DC Comics!


Writer and artist on all core titles. Sky’s the limit… you can afford anyone. Who gets the gigs now that you call the shots?



I put myself
On Legion of Superheroes



Awesome! What’s your superpower?

Alan Moore + Gene Ha : Green Lantern

That’s it. I think it would do DC good to only publish 1 title for a decade or so.


Hahah, the ability to make the series into the Monster Squad.


Can we afford you, Mark?


Fraction and Aja on Batman.
Aaron and Latour on Superman.
Kelly Sue and Fiona Staples on Wonder Woman.
Azzarello and Chiang on Green Lantern.
Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul on a Ted Kord Blue Beetle for at least three years! No running away after one arc.

That’s all I have right now.


Loeb and Jim Lee on JLA
Millar and Quitely on Superman
Ennis and Silvestri on Supes’ ancillary title Metropolis (SH focus)
Ellis and Quesada on Batman
Bru and Phillips on Batman ancillary title Gotham (crime focus)
Peter David and Joe Mad on Green Lantern
Ellis and Sophie Campbell on Wonder Woman
Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos on Flash
Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross on JSA
Revolving writer roster and Art Adams on a quarterly DC Universe special


I’m just doing writers as I’m not good at selecting artists. I haven’t read many DC comics in the last 10 years outside of Batman, I think their line is in terrible trouble and they need to take advantage of the exodus and politics that’s happening at Marvel. If BvsS doesn’t do well next year they need to use their comic line to figure things out, and that should be a tens of millions investment for Warners getting only the best.

Batman - Aaron. I think he’s always been destined to write Batman, and I think the fact that he hasn’t is a real shame. As good as Snyder has been, I think Aaron could give us 5 years of amazing Batman stories.
Superman - Millar. Honestly I think Mark is the only guy who can really write Superman, I think he gets the character. I’d pay him rock star money and get him to do an ongoing while letting him moonlight with his other books.
JLI - Giffen and DeMattis. Bring back the magic of this title from the golden era, and really give us a funny book with great characters like we had all those years ago. Starring Blue & Gold, J’onn, Fire & Ice, Guy, Cap Atom, Kara and good old Max Lord.
JLA - James Roberts. This is the place for characters that have never really worked as their own book. Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Hawkman and a few other. Roberts works well in a team dynamic from his MTMTE days. And I think he’d make this book fun and bring much needed personality to some very dull characters. I’d put Flash in here too even though he’s worked well as a solo character.
Green Lantern - Hickman. It’s DC cosmic and I think that’s where Hickman really shines. He could probably do two titles, but I’d keep him in this universe. One for Hal, one for the corps or something like that.
Shazam - Fraction. This title needs to be defined and reinvented for modern audiences, and I think he’s the guy up for the job.
Suicide Squad - Bendis. It’s really the perfect book for him - he should always have been writing villains, and always street level characters.
Gotham - Rucka. This is where I’d stick the ‘not Batman’ Batman characters. Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman - they’d all be here.
Secret Six - Nick Spencer. The villain sister book to the JLI book, he’s great at these types of books.
Hellblazer - Snyder. He’s best when he’s writing horror I think.

One thing I think that’s really necessary is to cut down the number of titles. DC only had 11 titles that sold over 40k units in August. Marvel had 24 (though the Secret Wars event messes things up some, and Star Wars is really helping them out). Without events most DC titles are in the dumps and must be barely profitable. I think if they cut back to maybe only 20 titles a month it’s really help their business model.


I would get behind this 100%.


Dan Slott and Skottie Young on “Batman”

Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch “Superman”

Mark Waid and Geoff Johns cowriting plus Francis Manapul on “Flash” forever and ever

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Ross “Justice League”

Brian K Vaughan and Adrian Alphona on “Teen Titans”

G Willow Wilson and Erica Henderson “Wonder Woman”

Plus bring back Jeff Smith on a “Shazam” ongoing


Alan Moore and Steve Ditko on anything together
Supergirl K.Perkins and joelle Jones
Wonder woman Marc andreyko and sophie Campbell
Superman mark waid and Chris samnee
Batman the tiny titans guys I forgotten their names
Lois lane Kelly sue deconnick and barbs tarr
Justice league Jason Aaron and Phil noto
Flash Phil Hester on writing and art


I’d get Neil Gaiman and John Cassaday on Legion of Superheroes.


Brian Azzarello & JH Williams III: Swamp Thing


Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley: Superman

Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo: Wonder Woman

Warren Ellis & Declan Shalvey: Batman

Mark Millar & Lienil Yu: Suicide Squad (almost went with Hitch and the JLA, but Hitch is actually doing JLA right now, so…)

Jonathan Hickman & Stuart Immonen: Swamp Thing


If I’m calling the shots, before I hire anyone I’m hiring Mark Millar to write a one page bible on each single character book, maybe two pages for a team book. Then hire Hitch for character design/redesign. I’d take those bibles and give them to each writer and artist hired and tell them to this is the only continuity you are bound to; go nuts and tell great, iconic stories.


Damn. Now I just want to read those. It would be like those Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez books that floated around not too long ago.


Bring back Gotham Central and give Bendis and Maleev the book that they should have been doing for 8 years now.


Detective Comics By Bendis and Immonen
Superman by Waid and Cassady
Batman and Robin by Bendis and Mike Dedato
JLA by Grant Morrison and Yu
Action Comics by Millar and Hitch
Suicide Squad by Aaron and Bachalo
Justice Society by Gillen and Adam Kubert
Teen Titans by Fraction and Pichelli
Wonder Woman by Grant Morrison and JH Williams III
New Gods by Joss Whedon and Steve McNiven
Nightwing by Fraction and Samnee
Secret Six by Gail Simone and whoever she wants
Flash by Gillen and Pacheco
Green Lantern by John and Ivan Reis
Aquaman by Warren Ellis and Jim Lee
Stormwatch by Ellis and Raney


At Maleev’s current speed, that might mean we’d have had nine or ten issues by now.


Yeah, he should finish Scarlet!
Not because the first trade is particularly good but because it’s particularly inconsequential. Nobody can do less with 100-odd pages than Bendis.