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We haven’t done this for ages so a new twist.

IMAGINE you could have anyone you like doing anything you liked. Eg, BKV on Walking Dead, Bendis on Saga, Jeff Lemire on Superman, Geoff Johns on Kick-Ass, etc.


Just for the curio factor.



Mark Millar on Millie the Model.

Just to see…


I still love the idea of a Morrison/Quitely Fantastic Four book. Just to see what they’d come up with.

Brubaker and Phillips doing Daredevil would be fun (but frankly I’m probably enjoying their current stuff more than I would that).

JHW3 on Swamp Thing would be something.

With Image creator-owned books it’s tougher - kind of like choosing which band you’d like to cover your favourite song!


That’s a good call, he’d be well suited I think.

His pay packet probably doesn’t allow it but I’d like to see Bendis on a fairly obscure superhero property. I think the best parts of his X-Men run have come with the new characters introduced that he can play with more.

I’d like to see Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon on City Lights for Vertigo. :smile:


Mark Millar and Jim Lee on Daredevil.Warren Ellis and Frank Quitely on Avengers.Alan Moore and Neal Adams on Thor.Frank Miller and David Finch on Wolverine.Grant Morrison and George Perez on Deathstroke.They will never happen but a man can dream.


I’d love to see Jonathan Hickman lure Ryan Bodenheim over to Marvel where they could give Doctor Strange a proper revamping.

Over at DC, Erik Larson would take control of Kirby’s Fourth World characters, turning Orion into the flawed hero he was meant to be.

Meanwhile, Brubaker and Phillips would reboot the WildStorm line, basically ignoring anything that has happened since they worked on Sleeper together.


There are some properties I would like to see certain creators on but I would honestly like to see some of the guys who are more locked into the Big 2 branch out and do creator owned again.


I would definitely read these books.


I still think that Millar and Hitch on Superman or Action Comics would be great after all of these years.
Can we not get Millar to ghost-write some of Hitchy’s new JLA just for completeness?


Millar and Hitch on a Superman book would be amazing.


In a weird way I’d like to see Brubaker and Phillips do a 100 Bullets story while simultaneously you have Azzarello and Risso tearing it up with a Criminal yarn.


I’d do the exact same thing I’ve said for the past years we’ve had this discussion =P

The only difference right now is that both MArvel & DC are really boring for me (whereas Marvel was doing much better a couple of years ago). I’m thinking about just dropping comicbooks and keep up with the movies and TV shows and games and all those other things. It’s just waaaay more interesting and less frustrating that way.


Paul Pope on Daredevil
BKV and Carlos Pacheco on Avengers
Diggle and Jock on Winter Soldier
DNA and Crisscross on Captain Mar-Vell


Inhumans by Paul Pope
Alan Moore and JH Williams on Fantastic Four
Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez on Runaways
Byan Lee O’Malley on Teen Titans
BKV and Fiona Staple on Superman


Mark Millar and Alan Davis on Captain Britain and the Captain Britain Corps.


I’m actually up for Millar and Mcniven on Daredevil.
I don’t think I’d put Pacheco on anything. I haven’t liked his recent stuff.


Great call.