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Fantasy DC boss - What would you do?


Day one, your cheque-book is huge and you have access to any living creator.

The company has a max of 40 books a month they’re going to publish.

Your move!



Would this be a good time to quote

“Nuke 'em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”


  1. Mark Millar on an all-ages Superman comic :wink:
  2. Karen Berger back at Vertigo with a big cheque book and a brief to commission anything she wants. Only restriction is that she can’t stop publishing Astro City.
  3. The rest of the “DC universe” is fairly irrelevant to the modern world, so I delegate that to some editorial minion and let him do whatever he wants. I suspect the imprint will die of natural causes soon.
  4. Ensure that golden- and silver-age comics are properly collected and kept regularly in print. This is the true value in DC’s intellectual property mine; silver-age Superman should be as revered and lucrative as any other historical property. I can walk into any bookshop and find Agatha Christie on the shelves and still selling 70 years later, why can’t I find Jerry Siegel?
  5. Legion of Super-Heroes movie franchise :smile:


Scuttle most of the DCU, and turn the focus to promoting the Wildstorm Universe and Kirby’s Fourth World books.


Make Mark Waid Editor in Chief.


I would try to make comics for people like me (or maybe just for me in case there are no similar people).

  1. I don’t like floppies, I like trades.
    Make the regular comics more like trades. Instead of 4 different comics with Superman or Batman, make one fat comic each month of about 100 pages, containing 4 issues worth of story. It could be 4 seperate storyes 1 issue long, one single story 4 issues long or anything in between. Each story made by one writer/artist team. There would be several teams working on each character, so that there was content ready each month, but each team would not be required to have a finished story each month.

  2. I don’t like change
    Each story would be self contained with as little continuity as possible. A person who just picks up an issue would not need to know why Dick Grayson is standing in as Batman, or why the Joker needs to keep his face on with a belt. People would not change or grow older. Gotham City would always look like Al Capone’s Chicago, and Metropolis would always look like the idea of a future city from the 60’s. Kind of like the animated series.

  3. I really don’t like crossovers
    Just skip them.

  4. I like interesting writers and artists
    If the comics looked as described in part 1 it would be possible to invite guest writers and artiskt for short stories, and be able to promote the fact that this paricular issue has a 24 page Superman story by William Shakespeare and Pablo Picasso.


Also, let Keith Giffen do whatever he wants. He is a geyser of ideas. Some of them will work. Some of them won’t. Some will be gems. If you don’t listen to them, you’re an idiot.


I read a quote from Kelly Sue Deconnick recently (It might have been on the Millarworld fan chat), where she commented on companies berating fans for tradewaiting. She said something to the effect of “Why criticize fans for buying the books in the format they prefer?”


Bring Jeph Loeb back with Tim Sale for more Batman. And more Darwyn Cooke! Maybe set up a documentary / behind the scenes division.


Bring back Vext.
Revitalize the All-Star line (in actuality just to finish ASBAR and get ASWW back in action)
Bribe James Robinson back for a JSA book, properly.
Stop everyone from using Fourth World, Everyone.

Not unless they can prove they know what they’re doing.


With unlimited cash? Easy:

Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch on"

Adventure Comics
Adventures of Superman
Detective Comics
Gotham Knights
Batman and Robin
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Suicide Squad
Secret Six
New Gods
Legion of Superheroes
Wonder Woman
Justice League
Justice League of America
Justice League Dark
The Outsiders
The Teen Titans
Young Justice
Martian Manhunter
Green Arrow
Animal Man
Black Canary
Birds of Prey

Bruce Timm
The Adventures of Superman’s Pal: Jimmy Olsen
Lois Lane: Superman’s Girlfriend

Scott Synder and Frank Quitely
Doom Patrol
The Metal Men

Garth Ennis and Frank Quitely
The Authority

Frank Miller


Unlimited cash, not unlimited time.


You’re not thinking laterally. Take your unlimited money. Develop cloning technology to a sufficient degree to create an army of Millar and Hitch. Set them to work.

Or develop time warping technology to allow for infinite time to be available.

My ideas are becoming weirdly dystopian with a hint of slavery. You will note that my suggestions involved hiring people smarter than me to run the company.


Mark Millar and Michael Allred on Metamorpho.


Ann Nocenti and JHW3 on Swamp Thing.


Bruce Timm and Brad Bird in charge of movie production.


Give Paul Dini the Joss Whedon/Mark Millar consultant role and you have yourself a deal sir.


Done. To the money-printingmobile!


I’m not sure Bank of Millarworld is legal tender in the real world…Maybe we could work out a barter system. Something like “We will wash your car every Saturday for the next 57,000 years” or something like that.

Or maybe we could bake a pie. People like pie.


I like pie. I know Todd likes pie, so that’s another upcheck.

Having a problem here. Not the “head of DC” thing - that would just make for a mile-long post nobody would really want to read. Nope, it’s the

part. The cheque-book not needing to be micromanaged (or Miqque-managed, as it were) spun me.

One thing for sure, Mark would write any title he wanted and get a due piece of the pie, if i had to “convince” everybody in legal to re-write every contract. Which is about where I’d start. I’d keep work-for-hire, but at certain defined point creators would get something like movie points or residuals. Create a character, keep a character. How long was Deadpool around, what are the sales, and is a studio betting big money he will be a screen hit? Or the various Guardians of the Galaxy, for that matter. With big checkbook would probably right early hire some lawyers to watch their lawyers!