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Fantastic Four movie - Meet the final trailer!



Justice League trailer chat-back

So awesome. Of the two new trailers, I actually prefer the international one.


I don’t want to be too spoiled, so what are the differences between the two? The footage? The way it’s edited? The music?


It is kind of different tone, more hard sci-fi less action.


It’s the same trailer in essence but a few scenes and bits of dialogue are replaced.

For example one scene of a discussion with Reed uses one bit of dialogue in one trailer; in the other trailer it’s obviously the same scene but a different cut of dialogue is used to similar effect.

I am going to be completely honest here and say that I am cautious. It actually feels quite reminiscent to what we’ve seen from these characters before … particularly Doom. And I’m curious as to why we haven’t heard Thing speak yet…

Also, I guess, I dunno - I don’t like where it seems the climax of the film appears.


You do. Right after Reed says, “I just want to fix my friends.”, he says, “You can’t fix this.”


Yeah, so I thought that might have been him … but, it didn’t sound, right at all?


I kind of liked that they didn’t try to go for some modified voice and just used the actor’s regular tone.


Yeah but they did that for … other characters.

I dunno, maybe it’ll work. It makes him more of a tragedy then a gruff, rough and tumble type though.


WELL this has got me seriously hyped!


So what is it? Some kind of Challengers of the Unknown rip off? :confused:

Seriously: visually very impressive. And there are suggestions of the real-world military paranoia that Lee (I assume, rather than Kirby) infused the early FF stories with. I think this will be very good.


God…that does not look very good at all. I hope to be pleasantly surprised…but I have much higher hopes for Ant-Man. Feels like Fox dropped the ball on this one.


Same here. I have zero interest in this now. Doom looks pretty lame and what the trailer suggests of his motivation isn’t interesting. And the Thing just sounds wrong. I think this is going to do just slightly better than bombing completely.


I am so very, very sorry. I smell a bomb. Take this comment down if proper. But this is at the very least one hideously hard sell. I cannot tell if the movie is “good” - it seems a rehash of FF with the Negative Zone substituted for a space station. We have seen the FF versus Doom. I really hoped for Annihilus, and I think that’s where the FF fans were going. The trailers, except for the international one, are dull as dirt and do not engage the audience. I’m a huge fan, and not engaged. As I said on a movie thread, so far it simply does not engage the viewer. Yet, friend and Chief Mark is supporting it (maybe not so much as other projects?). Friend Ohara says to Trust Marvel. Is is the FF. I am, sadly, quite dubious. I think Ant-Man is going to hit huge and in the wake of it FF may be lost.

Apologies for being a downer on your board, Mark. This is probably a movie that needs to be seen before commenting at all. At this point it is the trailers that are problematic, and I doubt whether you had input there. It may well be a film that cannot be explained easily, yet is a great ride. I may be a jackass. We’ll see, come August! My hope is that it’s a one-two punch, Ant-Man setting up a big box office for Fantastic Four!

One thing I’m sure of, past downer opinion. This film is too dark. And by “dark”, I mean insufficient lighting not tone! Were blue light bulbs on sale? Some problem paying the electric bill? What?

:sob: <- so very sorry…


I’m more sold on it now then I was from the earlier trailers, which I thought were kind of generic. I hear the criticisms on the color palette and lighting, but that goes for a lot of movies these days—I don’t like it either but it’s too widespread to single out any one film over. In general I’m much more optimistic.

Although what’s up with the naked Thing? Put some trunks on, dude.

All that said I do wish the “Explorers”-like 1980s bits in the first minute of each trailer was what the whole movie was like. If only Mark was asking about “feel good 80s movies” for the FF film!


I genuinely hope that this is going to be a great film. I hope that it channels all the best things of Stan and Jack, Waid and Wieringo and John Byrne and Hickman…and Millar and Hitch obviously. I hope that it will be a great film.

The trailer doesn’t have any “Wow” moments for me, but equally I wasn’t sold on X-Men Days of Future Past and that turned out really well. It does introduce us to each of the characters, particularly Reed who a lot of writers struggle with.

I’m completely prepared to be disappointed by this and I am prepared to be the old guy in the back of the cinema complaining that this isn’t his Fantastic Four. But I hope that it is going to be great.


This is a weird turn-around, but I don’t get the negativity for this. I actually think the changes (that we can see in the trailer) to the classic story appear to work, and I think the trailer looks great and the tone seems just right.

The only misstep at this point appears to be Doom, who I would have preferred them to steer clear of, but maybe they’ll do him justice this time.

But otherwise, very impressed and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Sure, it’s not going to be my FF, but I think it’s going to be a good film.


I like the darker look and tone, but I’m not sure how accurate that is to the film?

Doom, I agree, is worrying me, but I’m interested in the film generally.


I hope that I didn’t come off as negative. I really didn’t mean to. I love the Fantastic Four the way that some people love X-Men (or in your case Legion of Superheroes).

I want this to be great. And I think that someone touched on the tone of the trailer above. It seems to have a bit of a 1980’s Amblin feel about it. If that was how the movie worked out (lots of darkness and government paranoia in those movies), I think that would be great.


I caved and watched both of these trailers. The US one was a bit spoilery for me, showing too much of (what I assume is) the final battle.

Worryingly the effects didn’t look finished either, but I can’t fault anything else. Johnny looks cool. I’m still looking forward to this thing which is more than I can say for Ant Man.