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Fantastic Four Movie Discussion


I wasn’t sure if there was a more appropriate place to talk about this movie, so I’ve started a thread here. If it needs to be moved by the mods then fair play.

Aaaaaanyway, I found these two interviews with the Fantastic Four cast and while they don’t tell us much they show off the great chemistry that they all have together.


I’m looking forward to this film! :smile:


It’s been talked about a bit in the Marvel movie thread, but maybe we’re getting close enough to release that it needs its own?

I’m cautiously optimistic that it could be ok, with the most recent trailer looking better than I had expected it to. I liked the Ultimate version of the book, and it looks like it’ll draw heavily on that.


I’m trying not too spoil too much but I’m really looking forward to it. The Fantastic Four are one of the concepts that have been difficult to bring from the Space Age to the Digital Age. I think this film has the potential to do that.


It’s been talked about a bit in the Marvel movie thread, but maybe we’re getting close enough to release that it needs its own?

Yeah, I didn’t go on that thread because I assumed it was for the Marvel Studios movies and I was trying to avoid all info about Age of Ultron.

I hope this movie does a good job at updating everything. The fact that their origin has them go into the Negative zone (or whatever they’re calling it in the movie) leaves some good potential for sequels I think. As much as I want (the real) Galactus to show up in a sequel I’m still not sure that he can be done justice on-screen … yet. The closest character to him I can think of is probably Godzilla?


The origin note makes me hope they may be taking some of their cues from The Four in Planetary. That is closest I’ve seen to modernizing the concept. Ultimate Fantastic Four came close but there was something missing in the origin. I think the key may be in how you fit Dr. Doom into the equation.


Don’t worry, we mark spoiler threads after something has come out, the Marvel one is safe from those, the Age of Ultron one is not.


Ah, that sounds interesting. I’ve not read Planetary yet (despite buying a Kindle version of the first volume about … 2 years ago). Do they play a big role in the story?


Very big. But they aren’t the actual FF, just twisted analogues (as with a lot of stuff in Planetary).


I understand, it’s just that I wasn’t reading any info for AoU, I didn’t watch a single trailer. Discussion about that particular film wasn’t what I wanted, but I would have been fine talking about any other Marvel/Fox movie.

It makes me wonder if it would help to break some threads up a bit more?
I’m only the new guy though … I’m not trying to rock the boat!


As I’ve noticed with the Daredevil thread, there can be a difference in what some people consider spoilers or not.


Yes fair enough, we can’t police every comment but generally it is true, I haven’t seen any Avengers spoilers in the Marvel thread but if you are avoiding all trailers then that’s another level. To be honest Daredevil has created a new problem with the Netflix model, normally it would have gone with an open spoilers policy as a show that’s just aired but because they dump it all at once everyone will be at different stages. Kevin Spacey was asked with that model when you can discuss spoilers and he said ‘never’, which is a nice reply but difficult when it comes to message board threads.

As to threads on subjects, it’s down to the community, anyone can start a thread but get too specific and it may not have the traffic to carry it. Certain TV shows like Game of Thrones or Doctor Who have shown they can and others fall away. With films as it gets closer to release there is more to discuss, if I started a Thor 3 one now there wouldn’t be much to say but with FF it’s not far away and seems to be doing fine now it’s started.


True. I was hoping they’d leave Dr. Doom out of the origin this time and save him for sequels. Annihilus would’ve been a better choice for the first one, especially since apparently the big threat is coming from the Negative Zone, I think.

I would hope to see a version of the Marquis of Death in future films if this reboot sticks. Is that character something Fox would be able to use?


I would hope to see a version of the Marquis of Death in future films if this reboot sticks. Is that character something Fox would be able to use?

I hope so but I have no idea. If they did they’d probably do more with the idea than even Marvel comics did.


There’s a lot in the Millar run that I liked. If FF and the X-men do exist in the same universe, I could see elements from the Earth 2 concept to the Future Invasion coming in.

Also, Hugh Jackman is looking just about old enough to play Old Man Logan.


If FF is good then I’d love for them to make an Old Man Logan movie with X-men and Fantastic Four characters mixed in. The viewers should be cool with it since the FF will have just started in their movie, so the idea of them accruing villains over the years makes sense.
Plus we could fan-service cameos. Mole Man! Maybe Wolverine could skewer Diablo.

Perhaps Millar himself could give them a cool replacement idea for the thing that chases them.

You could even replace Hawkeye with the Human Torch. Show off the contrast from where he’s at today.


Here’s a new character banner that was released. Nothing special but it’s something I suppose.

Is anybody else wondering how the Thing with no pants is gonna work? Will this finally explain why Ben was SO angry at Reed?


Those were fun interviews.

The more I hear about and see of the movie, the better I like it.


I’m glad others feel that way about it too. In general the Internet seems to have been unfair to it from the start.

By the way, here’s another one I found:


I’m also excited because of Miles Teller’s involvement. He was amazing in Whiplash where he squared off against none other than J. Jonah Jameson.


I loved Whiplash. Although I still can’t quite see him as Reed. It’ll be a different Reed from the one(s) we’re used to, I guess.