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Fantastic Beasts trailer


My pals at WB can relax again. This (and possibly Superman Vs Batman) should see them nicely in the black in 2016…



I have high hopes for this, and my niece, who is a huge Potter fan, will probably buy everything associated with it. :slight_smile:


I always liked the books far more than the movies, but I’m looking forward to this.


Y’know, haven’t read the books yet. That may be a first! I think many comics people plain like serials and extended, complex stories. Up with Tom Swift, Jr. and the Hardy Boys, caught early by tales of Baba Yaga - first time there were rather mythic/magical stories with one character “from real life”. (Yeah, okay: maybe a Russian witch traveling about in a hut on giant thirty-foot-tall chicken legs is a tad unrealistic. I was four! Show some mercy!)