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Fantastic 4 Movie - 1st look at The Thing


What’s our thoughts?



I like the design, but I liked the Chiklis version too. Very different, but more human and more “cuddly” I guess?

This Thing aint cuddly.

As adaptions go, this version of the Fantastic Four strikes me as a bit darker and harsher? I don’t have a problem with that at all, it’s a kind of scifi I really enjoy, but some people may prefer the crazy 60’s pop culture version a bit more?


Ready for clobberin’:


I’d buy that for a dollar.

Looks pretty good. At the end of the day I have faith in Josh Trank.

Chronicle was a great movie (sorry Mark, I know you a similar idea for a film back in the day).


It seems much closer to the monster roots of the character. This is probably the superhero film that has me most intrigued this summer.


I’ve never seen “monster” when looking at the Thing. To me he’s the blue-eyed loveable mensch from Yancy Street that likes a good cigar and has low self esteem.


The Fantastic Four was a transition for Stan and Jack from the monster tales that they had previously been telling into superheroes. The Thing and the monster on the cover was the connecting tissue for those things. Also one of Stan’s favorite Thing-centric FF stories was This Man…This Monster!


I feel you, but I started the FF with Byrne’s version so put me down in the cuddly camp.


Oh I wouldn’t say Thing isn’t cuddly. There’s just a tension between his exterior and what’s inside. You probably know someone who tries to portray a hard ass exterior but is really a big softy on the inside.


Have you ever read the very early FF stories? He’s a bit more monstrous in those.


I’ve only read a reprint of the first issue. Found this online, I kinda dig it and look forward to the movie, if just to see them explain how Torch and Sue can be different races yet still be brother and sister.


I think they’re supposed to be step siblings.


Yeah, the whole thing is stupid and unnecessary.


The colourblind casting or the film as a whole? :slight_smile:


I genuinely don’t care about it as long as the cast delivers.


I really like the guy playing Johnny. So it really doesn’t bother me. Besides a mixed family is hardly anything bizarre these days.


I’m a comic book purist. It’s not about Michael B. Jordan, he’s a great actor, been a fan since he was Wallace on “The Wire”. It’s that Johnny and Sue Storm aren’t step siblings in the comics.

Also I call bullshit on the the whole idea that it’s “color blind” casting. If that were really true, and they really wanted to be progressive, they would’ve picked someone like Meagan Good to play Invisible Woman to go along with M.B.J. as her brother. However the supposedly “color blind” casting directors could see that would’ve been a little too much color.


Colour blind isn’t about swapping ethnicity wholesale, it’s about choosing the actor/actress based on their ability to portray the role, and that’s all.

And as I’m not a purist, Johnny could be green for all I care.


Well, there was that time he was impersonated by a Skrull.


Good point. Pretty much everyone has been impersonated by a Skrull at some point.