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Fan Films!


Fan films. They’re great, aren’t they? I just saw this and was pretty impressed.

(I don’t think the film itself actually exists, but it’s a cool trailer.)


I’ve never even seen Futurama but I would watch that.

I realise that we already have a couple of Star Trek threads on the go, so I will ask if it’s appropriate to post any of those fan films here first?


That is REALLY good!


[quote=“SimonJones, post:2, topic:7427, full:true”]
I’ve never even seen Futurama[/quote]



I don’t see why not, I thought it would be good to have a catch-all thread for all fanfilms.

This was one of my favourites from many years ago:


The same team behind the Judge Minty fan film are currently putting together a Strontium Dog one too. Footage should be released soon according to the Facebook page.


Here are a couple of Star Trek fan films that I enjoyed (there are literally thousands of varying degrees of quaility

@Bruce Thanks for posting Judge Minty. It’s really good. Does anyone know if those guys ever finished their Strontium Dog movie?


It’s a work in progress. They’re hoping to get a 45 second teaser together to show at cons.


The photos that they posted a while back looked like they were lifted directly from a Carlos Ezquerra page. I will keep an eye out for that one.