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Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 8 - Mark Millar


Our guest this week for the Millarworld chat series is our benefactor and Chief, Mark Millar. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Mark is a Scottish comic book writer, known for his work on The Authority, The Ultimates, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Civil War, The Secret Service, Wanted, Chrononauts, Superior and Kick-Ass, the latter six of which have been, or will be, adapted into feature films. He is currently writing Empress with Stuart Immonen on art and has Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 with Frank Quitely and a new book with Greg Capullo upcoming.

Please feel free to leave any questions you might have for Mark in this thread ahead of time but only questions please. All other posts will be deleted. Thank you.

Mark’s Twitter

Join us on May 18th at 2:00 PM New York time.

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Mark, I have to ask:
What’s your favourite Kurt Russell movie?


What’s the library story?


Celtic v Rangers.
I don’t get it.
What’s all the fuss about?
Can you sum it up in 10 words or less?

Also colourists play a massive role in the final presentation of finished art. What’s your process in deciding who to work with.


Two questions:

Is there any series or book idea that you passed on, and regretted later?

Is there any series or book that you’ve done, that you regretted later?

PS: I love all the MillarWorld stuff, and Ultimates, and The Authority, and and and… but the one story that I love above all the rest is that little 4-page personal story you wrote (and Frank Quitely drew) for a Marvel anthology not long after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Still waiting for more of that kind of stuff from you.


Hello Sir, so good to have you back to this chat, here are my questionsn (too many…:smiley:)

1.- Lately your books have a positive tone, books like American Jesus Vol 2 will have the original horror and grim tone? Is Nemesis 2 too far away form schedule?
2.- When will be out Kindergarten Heroes?
3.- When will be revealed your new book with Mr Capullo?
4.- The lead actress of Empress Movie will be revealed soon? those glasses still got me confused #Hathaway
5.- The new project with John Romita Jr. will be different form Kick-Ass’ saga?
6.- 2017 will reunite you with Bryan Hitch? (I really really hope so)

Congratulations on your marriage, my best wishes!



Questions from FlipGeeks ('s Comics Team.

-You’ve done so many comics in your life, but do you think you’ve already created your magnum opus?

-With numerous projects that you’ve done under Image Comics, which one do you find the most enjoyable in doing?

-Is George Lucas an inspiration to your Empress’ Captain Havelock?

-Is the film Captain America: Civil War have the better story than your comic Civil War?

-Who’s the next artist that you woud like collaborate with after Capullo?

-What’s your fave genre to write? What genre would like to dabble in next?

-When you write new stories…:
+how do you usually start writing your stories?
+do you have a formula?
+do you write your stories with a particular artist already in mind?

-What’s the hardest part in formulating or writing stories?

-Do you have any message to your fans here in the Philippines?


Hello Mark,

Firstly thank you for taking the time out from your hectic schedule of world domination to talk to us here today. And y’know, thanks for Millarworld…it’s awesome. My wife likes it because it keeps me off the streets and from getting into trouble :smile:

As a storyteller, is there any advice you could give to other writers/artists about what to do or what pitfalls to avoid?

From a writing perspective, how to do you approach the work. Do you start with characters first? The idea? The plot? A mixture of both beamed back directly into your brain by a future Mark? :wink:

But seriously, I’m really interested in how writers go about writing and would be interested to hear your approach if that’s not too involved a question.


Hey Mark, is there any way that Marvel could tempt you to write a Star Wars comic? And if so, what story would you want to tell?

Thanks for doing the chat!


Last year while searching Millarworld paraphernalia for birthday gifts I suggested a Millarword store drop down menu on the site, any plans on making this happen? Hit girls birthday is approaching again! (copious amounts of cash are just waiting to flood in! :wink: ) Bring on the t-shirts, belt buckles and left-handed strudel servers!
also Huck travels America:


Hi Mark,

Love all your work. Couple questions:

What did you think of the deviations from your original storyline in Civil War?
How do you write so many books and adapt movies/TV shows at the same time!?



Hi there mark couple of questions

  1. who did your prefer to work with marvel or dc
  2. any tours in Scotland this year
    3)when will the talent search be announce
  3. are you planning to do a sequel to the secret service because of kingsman 2


Hi Mark,

I was just wondering, how would I make the first steps to becoming a comic book writer? I am constantly coming up with a lot of ideas and am now at University doing english so i’m thinking about the future. I know it’s a hard business, and probably a long answer, but I’m just looking for some quick advice. Would I need to send a pitch of an idea or look for job openings from the comic book companies. I live in the middle of no where so i haven’t a clue about this sort of stuff.

Big fan by the way. Re read MPH again the other day and in issue 4 I swear there’s a Huck reference to a super human woman in Russia. Don’t know if i’m just imagining it.

All the best.


So many fantastic comic related questions already that I’ll be interested in hearing the answers so I’ll go left field and ask what your top 3 alcoholic drinks are and where’s the best pint in Glasgow … I really have been reading too much of the ’ What are you drinking? ’ thread.
Other than that I think you have said no to this previously but will you ever consider collecting all of Jupiter’s Legacy in a hardback or Omnibus?


Do you have any unrealised ambitions left as a writer? Anything specific that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet?


‘mornin’, Chief.


In ‘n’ Out Burger.

Musso & Frank’s Grill.

And how happy are you right now?



Gimme two tics. I just ate some weird soup that was kind of ICY in the middle. Just grabbing a cup of tea.

I don’t think that soup was cooked…



Hi Chief, (and cheers for this and Millarworld, much gratitude)

How do you determine if what you have written is polished and perfected enough? I mean, at what point do you know to let it go? Or is the true answer really just deadlines?

I think there’s only one correct answer to this but - Who is the coolest mutant?


Favourite Kurt Russell is The Thing. There can be only one. It’s BY FAR his greatest movie, though I also love Little China and The Strongest Boy in the World, which I saw in the cinema when I was really, really young. It’s weird to think that fuzzy faced cowboy we saw last year was Disney’s favourite child star!!