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Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 7 - Veronica Taylor


Our guest this week for the Millarworld chat series is actress Veronica Taylor. Veronica is an American voice actress known for her dubbing work in English-language adaptations of Japanese anime, in particular for voicing Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon anime for the first eight seasons. Her other roles include Delia Ketchum (Ash’s mother), and May in the Pokémon anime meta series, April O’Neil from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun in the Slayers TV series, voice of Mangchi in the English dub of Hammerboy, the voice of Nico Robin in the 4Kids dub of One Piece, and the voice of Sailor Pluto in the Viz Media dub of Sailor Moon.

Please feel free to leave any questions you might have for Veronica in this thread ahead of time but only questions please. All other posts will be deleted. Thank you.

Veronica’s Twitter

Join us on May 11th at 2:00 PM New York time.

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Welcome to Millarworld!

Are there any particular foods or drinks you avoid before you go into record? Are there any that you specifically eat or drink to help you through the recording session? I remember hearing that prolific voice director Andrea Romano said eating green apples would prevent a person’s mouth from making smacking noises.

Typically, how long does a recording session last?


Hi Veronica. We met last year when Mark was out in LA. Hope you and your daughter are well, and that you’ve settled into LA. I have a couple of questions:

How has the animation industry changed over the last 10 years?

Is it difficult for voice actors to get TV and film roles and vice-versa? Does each community tend to be separated?


Hello Veronica,

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today.

In my spare time, I listen to a lot of audio drama and I know that a lot of actors enjoying working behind a microphone because it gives them opportunities to play parts they would never get to do on stage or on screen. What do you think makes a good vocal actor? Are there any parts that you would like to do, but have never had to the chance to (in any medium)?

As a playwright, can I ask if there are anything that you wish writers didn’t do? Is there anything that would make your life easier? Is there anything that you would like writers to do more of?


Hello Veronica. Thank you for joining us for this fan chat.

My wife is a voice teacher. She mostly teaches people to sing but also trained in methods to help singers take care of their voices. She has told me stories of Broadway singers who do not speak during the days that they will be performing in order to keep from straining their voice. Is there anything special you do as a voice actor to protect your voice that other types of actors generally do not?


What was the process for getting the Pokemon job? Did you know at the time what a big deal it was going to be?


Howdy! I love voice work. If folks knew how much anime you’ve done they’d go nuts!

So, two Q’s. Have you ever worked with Andrea Romano?

And what are your thoughts, “April”, on the new TMNT movie from the trailers?

Does it help to know there is audience out here that truly appreciates voice talent?

Okay, so, three… :laughing:


Hi everyone! So happy to be here! I type slowly so please bear with!!

I try to eat lightly. I drink a lot of water. Green apples are a great help. I always carry Ricola throat lozenges. I’ve used them for years and they really soothe the throat and open up stuffy nasal passages (more info than you wanted to know…)
I can be in a session anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours, depending upon the project. Audiobooks are usually 6-8 hours. Animation can be 1-4 hours. Commercials can be 30 minutes - 3 hours!


Hi! Thanks for the well wishes.
My move to Los Angeles has been a complete starting over in my career, much more so than I expected. It is very difficult to break into a new area/market regardless of past experience. I don’t think it’s necessarily “voice-over” transitioning to “on-camera” and vice versa that’s difficult because you are pigeon-holed, more that it is difficult to meet people who will cast you. It really is all about who you know. When you are working consistently in one area you don’t have a chance to meet casting directors in other areas in your day-to-day routine.


Native Angelino (now Coloradan) here. Where are you in L.A.? Just the area - I’m far too lazy to stalk anybody.


I love working on animation, audiobooks, radio plays…I love the freedom to become anyone/thing without the confines of my physical appearance. As an actor, and because of my training, I feel that my job is to bring the words of the writer to life, not substitute them with what I would rather say. I like to get into the head of the writer a bit and imagine how they think the character would sound, and then build from there.
I do miss working on stage and screen…my career took a turn (a lovely one) once my daughter was born. I needed to have work that was flexible enough with the schedule so i could be home with her, go on field trips, you know, basic mom stuff. Luckily, I was able to carve out an interesting, creative niche in the voice over world.
I think the best thing for a playwright to do is write amazing characters in compelling situations. You write the story, together we tell it, and you offer the possibility to change someone’s life when they experience it.


I try to stay healthy. I can hear immediately when my voice is ‘not all there’. I have a great otolaryngologist (ENT…Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor). I try to stay conscious of breath support. i try not to hang out in loud places where we all end up screaming at one another the whole night. I guess I should add that i try to get my 8 hours of sleep a night. Airplanes and conventions seem to take a large toll on my voice so I’m trying to find ways to manage that better.
Short answer- It’s all a work in progress!


We had no idea it would even really be on tv! The process for auditioning was similar to other projects…look at the script at the audition, see a clip so you understand the tone of the show, and go for it! There were many call backs. Once we were cast they were still tweaking the voices and changing things. i think it all finally settled down about midway through season one.


Hey Veronica, it’s Cliff, it’s been a good long time since I last saw you (Nycc 14) anyway, I was a bit worried about you if you were getting more VO work, then I later heard of your relocation out west, it was a bit shocking, but I was pretty glad that you may get new opportunities, anyway, aside from Pluto in the Current SM series, have you tried Appling for other animated works out west? (any role either background or lead)


Does that happen a lot? I guess what I am asking is, is there a pilot process for animation just like there is for live action? How does that work from a production standpoint, do you do the voice over first and then they go off for a year and do the animation?

I’m fascinated by how it actually works.


I have been lucky to work on so many projects that I love!! I’ve not been lucky enough to work with Andrea Romano yet. I love Ninja Turtles but must confess I’ve not seen the last live action movie nor the new trailers. I’m a fan of the writing and the original ideas, and also it’s transformational power to endure all these years!!
It’s always amazing to meet the ‘fans’ of voice related work. It proves how necessary storytelling is for us human beings!..laughing also


I’m actually in LA, not far in the suburbs. I’m from NYC! I need the city!!


Hi Ms Taylor! I wanted to say thank ypu. Because of the 4Kids dub, I started watching Pokemon in Japanese and Spanish (my natove language). I’ve been able to make many friends and the show continues to help me through difficult times.

  1. Is there an address where fans who can’t meet can send fan letters or fan art?
  2. How did you abouf creating the sad mood for the departures of Butterfree, Pidgeotto and Charizard?


Hi Cliff!
Yes, I’m working on Sailor Moon, Mofy, a new show for Nickelodeon- Welcome to the Wayne, and another new animated adventure show for kids (don’t know what they are calling it yet). I have many great auditions out here!!