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Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 5 - Wilfredo Torres


Our guest this week for the Millarworld chat series will be artist, Wilfredo Torres. Wilfredo has been working professionally since 2007 and is best known for his work on The Shadow: Year One (Dynamite Entertainment), Batman '66 (DC Comics), Lobster Johnson: Prayer of Neferu (Dark Horse Comics), Quantum & Woody (Valiant Entertainment) and redesigned and provided covers for The Shield (Archie Comics/ Dark Circle). Most recently Wilfredo has been working on Jupiter’s Circle with our very own Mark Millar at Image as part of the Millarworld imprint.

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Join us on April 27th at 2:00 PM New York time.

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Hello Wilfredo and welcome,

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today.

I have a couple of questions for you, if that’s ok. Firstly is there any type of story or genre that you haven’t worked in or no one has asked you do that you would like to try?

Also, we do regular Write Off challenges here on the Forum. As an artist and storyteller, is there any advice that you could give to aspiring writers on what to do and what not do when writing a script?


Hello, thank you for doing this chat, here are my questions:

1.- What was your influence for Jupiter’s Circle heroes’ design?
2.- How many hours a day you invest drawing?
3.- What are your future projects after Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2? Will you do another book with Millarworld?


Hi Wilfredo,

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve been asked to draw?
Which artists influenced you most when starting out in comics?


Hi Wilfredo,

Thanks for this

  1. How do you like your scripts?
    Tight details and descriptions of each panel or loose almost marvel style?

  2. what are the benefits of both styles

  3. What is the your favourite script you’ve ever worked to?


The designs of the core characters featured in JUPITER’S CIRCLE were created by Frank Quitely as they were originally introduced in the pages of JUPITER’S LEGACY. I tweaked a few tiny things here and there that seemed like period specific details.

In general I try to put in an 8 hour day but it varies on what my goals for the day are and how badly my back hurts :wink:

My current project is a book called CAPTAIN KID co-written by Mark Waid & Tom Peyer. It will be available in July and I hope you’ll all give it a look.

Working with Mark and the Millarworld crew was a joy and I certainly hope to do so again!


Times Square, circa 1930’s - Period specific story’s are always a bit tougher because of the amount of research that goes into it to try and get the feel and look of the time right so working on THE SHADOW: YEAR ONE was tough at times but very rewarding.

The Artist’s that made the biggest impression on me as a Kid have stuck w/ me ever since. Curt Swan, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, George Perez and Neal Adams are basically my Mount Rushmore but that list can go on and on.


I did an 8 page story in DARK HORSE PRESENTS a few years back and that was some of the most fun I’ve had. I love drawing Monsters so probably Horror or some sort of Creature Feature!

The biggest advice I’d have for storytelling in general would be pacing, make sure you’re using your 22 pages or however many there are in the best way possible. Be aware of what story beats need in as far as ‘real estate’ and make sure to give them room to play out in the most effective way possible.


Thank you Wilfredo. That’s really good advice. I really appreciate it.


I like something in between really, too loose and I don’t feel like I’m being provided enough information but if it’s too tight, it’s constricting in as far as how things like acting and movement play out. I’ve been very fortunate so far to work with some of the best Writer’s in the business so they all know what they’re doing.

I suppose working in a ‘Marvel Style’ script would provide much more freedom for creativity but I would worry that some decisions would conflict with what the Writer had planned moving forward if that makes sense.

I don’t know that I have a favorite script, I certainly have favorite issues on certain projects but not one that really pops to mind. On JUPITER’S CIRCLE it was probably Vol. 2 / Issue 1 which was he first time I really got to draw a lot of Utopian action.


Hey there Wilfredo!

The guys have already asked the questions I was going to so I’ll just take the opportunity to say how much I love your work it really is wonderful.


Any particular characters in JUPITER’S CIRCLE you like drawing the most?


Utopian and Blue Bolt were definitely my favorites… Sky Fox was super fun also.


I see that we asked you in the previous fan chat about what your favourite Kurt Russell film was? So if I can ask you a couple of quickfire questions (sort of like the Voight Kampf test in Blade Runner but without a point :smile:) :

  • Favourite TV show
  • Favourite movie
  • Favourite band
  • Song that always cheers you up
  • Song that makes you tear up
  • Superman or Batman
  • Captain America or Iron Man
  • Cats or Dogs


How did you keep Walter from smirking and twirling his pencil mustache?


Hey Will! Amazing Work on Jupiter’s Circle, glad to have gotten into your work.

Also what’s probably the most difficult for you to draw in general?

P.s Captain Kid look’s sick!

  1. Penny Dreadful
  3. Nirvana… Gojira… Metallica… depends
  4. Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart
  5. Una Palabra - Carlos Varela
  6. Superman, no contest.
  7. Captain America… again, no contest.
  8. Dogs


It was tough, I think a couple of times I came just short of that… what an a-hole that guy!


All correct answers. You can proceed to the next level. :wink: