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Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 4 - Scott Snyder


Our guest this week for the Millarworld chat series will be writer, Scott Snyder. Scott is an American writer known for his 2006 short story collection Voodoo Heart, and his comic book writing, including American Vampire, Detective Comics, Batman and Swamp Thing for DC Comics and his creator owned property, Wytches, at Image.

Please feel free to leave any questions you might have for Scott in this thread ahead of time but only questions please. All other posts will be deleted. Thank you.

Scott’s Twitter.

Join us on April 20th at 2:00 PM New York time.

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Welcome back, Scott! Good to see ya here!

Would you like to talk about how Batman changed your life, or how you are about to change Batman’s life?


Hi Scott! Welcome back.

I’m really looking forward to your All-Star Batman with JR jr. Can you tell us any more about the longer-term plans for the series? Do you see it as a continuing project or is there an end in mind?

Also, can you give us any update on what we can expect from the second Wytches series? I really enjoyed the first book and I’m keen to see what’s next.




Hello Mr. Snyder,

I really enjoyed your work on The Wake. Given the chance, would you consider doing an Aquaman book? Like Aquaman Earth One for example. Also, what other character (DC or Marvel) would you be interested in doing in the not too distant future?

Thanks for your great work! :smile:

Glenn Francis


@ssnyder1835 - Thank you for coming back for another Fan Chat. Also, thank you for staying so late on Saturday at C2E2 last month. I appreciate that you and Greg were there long enough to sign for everyone in line. It was nice to meet you.

I’m looking forward to All-Star Batman. Is there anything else coming up for you especially in the creator owned area?


Hi Scott. Big AV fan. Two questions. Was Bixby always an agent of the Tongue or did something happen between the Blacklist arc and Second Cycle? Also would you ever consider seeing AV brought into other mediums, like a TellTale game? Thanks a bunch!


Hello Scott,

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today.

I have two questions-

  • As a writer, you are best known for the Batman books and for more horror tinged fare, but you have also done full blown joyous superhero stuff like Superman Unbound (which I absolutely loved). Is there any genre or type of story that you would like to do that might make us change our preconceptions of your writing? A spy story perhaps? A western? Do you have a Kung Fu Romantic Comedy with a 20 minute car chase through the hills of San Francisco waiting to come out and meet us?

  • I know that you also teach writing. Are there any common misconceptions about writing that you would like to dispel? Is there any advice you can offer to aspiring writers? And to anyone trying to write while holding down another job?

Thank you again for taking the time.


Hey Scott,

Thanks for all the great batman stories, loved your work.

My question is would your consider writing one of the DC upcoming (batman?) flicks or be and consultant on that? And if you do which villian would you give the honour of appearing?

With your knowledge of the character i feel you can write the ultimate batman flick the character deserves.

Thanks man,

Cheers, T


Hey Scott,

Thanks for doing this! I love your work and I really enjoyed you as a guest on the Imaginary Worlds podcast.

What advice to you have for someone starting to learn your craft with an eventual plan in pursuing the industry? I’m sure you get this a lot, so if there is somewhere where you have discussed this before, feel free to point me in that direction.


Hi Scott,
Really looking forward to A.D. After Death. Is it true that it’s going to be part illustrated comic, part prose?

Also, do you have return dates set for Wytches and American Vampire:Third Cycle?

Oh, and when Wytches comes back, will it be #7 or Vol. 2 #1?



Welcome back Sir, thank you for taking some time and answer this chat!, my questions are:

1.-In All Star Batman you will work with several awesome ilustrators, so every one will have an own arc? or they will share it?

2.- Now that Mr. Capullo are working in a creator owned book with Mr. Millar, will you try and work with him outside DC with a creator owned project too?

3.- Do you think that Wytches could be a TV Series? or a movie?

4.- Can you hint what will your future work with Capullo on DC?

Thank you!


Hello Scott!

Thank you so very much for this opportunity!

I just have one question: will we ever know if Lincoln March A.K.A. Thomas Wayne Jr. is really Bruce’s brother?


Hi, Scott!

You started out in short stories. How has your prose style evolved after years writing for a visual medium like comics?

Thanks for a such an imaginative, moving take on Batman. I’m sad to see your run with Capullo come to an end and look forward to All Star.



Hello my dearest Mr. Snyder,

You are absolutely my favorite modern horror writer for comics and, I believe, helping to shape the way horror is viewed in modern graphic literature. Severed, The Wake, Wytches, and so on are all standout horror tales.

I’m curious what it is that draws you to the horror genre so much with comics and if you’d ever be interested in heading up a horror anthology comic series?

Joethulhu :imp:


Hi Scott,

Who would you say are your biggest influences? Are there any books or creators who work you’ll look at when writing a story to get inspired/

Also, if Marvel called and offered you 12 issues on any characters (and DC said no problem) who would you like to write?


Im building the superest computer i can afford and need to know how big you think Batmans Batcave Computer Hard Drives are?



Hey Scott,

I am glad you’re writing more Batman because arguably you’re one of thhe best Batman writers of all time but tbh I think you’re a great writer all around. Your Swamp Thing was epic and I was thinking are there any other dc heroes you want to write or any in the works besides Batman? I would love to see you write about Nightwing, Batman Beyond (this i really want), Booster Gold and maybe one day pre52 Wally West. Look forward to your response


Also is that standalone out of continuity Joker story you talked about last year still happening?


I’m big fan of your work on Batman…So here are my questions:

1-What were your inspirations while writing the new 52 Batman?

2-Are you a fan of Batman TAS? If yes, what’s your favorite episode?

3-In your opinion, what makes an interesting villain?

4-There are any underrated/forgotten DC villains you would like to explore in the future? (I’m asking this because I love seeing characters like Lord Death Man, The Cluemaster and other villains like them getting some of the spotlight)

Keep up the great work.