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Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 3 - Bryan Hitch


Our guest this week for the Millarworld chat series will be comic artist and writer, Bryan Hitch. He is a British comic book artist who began his career in the United Kingdom for Marvel UK, working on titles such as Action Force and Death’s Head, before gaining prominence on American titles such as Wildstorm’s Stormwatch and The Authority, DC Comics’ JLA, and Marvel Comics’ The Ultimates with our very own Mark Millar. He is currently writing and drawing the incredibly Justice League of America at DC Comics.

Please feel free to leave any questions you might have for Bryan in this thread ahead of time but only questions please. All other posts will be deleted. Thank you.

Bryan’s Twitter.

Join us on April 13th at 2:00 PM New York time.

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Hi Bry! Only one question - will you adopt me? :laughing:

Seriously, was the end of the JLA arc part of the editorial plan?


Hi Bryan, just wondering if we can expect to see your art in any books after the DC Rebirth. Will you be drawing any Justice League after that point at all? Any covers, even?

Thanks for answering.


Hello Bryan,

It’s a pleasure as always to see you gracing these here boards with us.

My main question is will you please adopt @Miqque? Please. Pretty Please? I would say that he wouldn’t be any trouble…but, well you know :wink:

I’m always interested to hear if there is anything that writers and artists would love to do, but never had the opportunity. So is there any genre that you would dearly love to work in that you’ve never done?


I’ll be here 2PM NYC time and 9 PM London time. Bring your own bottles.


We usually do. :smile:


Hi Bryan,

First of all, a quick thanks: I bought this piece of original art from Ultimates at the end of last year and I’m really pleased with it - I can’t wait to get it fully framed and on the wall:

My question is about how you’ve found the transition from working mainly as an artist to being much more involved in the writing side of things. Is it difficult to come at the book as a writer and leave enough room for the artist to make a full contribution to the book, given that you’re an experienced artist yourself? Or does two artists working together make for a stronger combination in terms of the end result?

Also, even though we know now that Tony Daniel is going to be providing art on Justice League post-Rebirth, will we still see some art from you (either on this book or others), or are you concentrating fully on writing for the moment?




Hi, Bryan, been a fan since the MYS-TECH WAR mini you did with Dan Abnett long ago, and I really enjoyed your AMERICA’S GOT POWERS series from a few years back.

Just one annoying question: will we ever see the rest of REAL HEROES? It was a great concept, and I’d love to see how it plays out.


@bryanhitch - I’m loving Justice League of America. It’s just a perfect, epic story with art to match. I can’t wait to see how the current story wraps up along with the other pre-Rebirth material.

To this point, it seems like your book has been mostly continuity-lite. Will there be any change after Rebirth? Anything you can tell us about your post-Rebirth plans?


Hello Sir, thank you for finding time for this chat, here are my questions (maybe too many…:grinning: ):

1.- Now that you will only write for Justice League of America will you have a chance to finish Real Heroes? will you have a break of tough deadlines?
2.- Will you draw something else for DC Comics or just writing for the moment?
3.- Can you say something o just one thing about your secret Image Comics project with @Mark_Millar ? like if it’s sci fi, fantasy, super-hero, the title, with a male o female lead etc.,? Will come out in 2017?
4.- When you did The Ultimates, it was a more grim and adult take on The Avengers, do you think what Dc is doing with their movies is too grim?
5.- How many hours did it take you to draw the awesome fights in JLA #8?

Thank you!



Hi! Huge fan here.

1 - Are there any techniques you use conciously to make some of your panels and pages look so… big? As in cinematic and larger than life? Or did you grow into it and find that it is just kid of “your style”?

2 - How do you work with inkers and colorists? Do you usually stay out of their way or have some specific requests? Like what?

3 - What’s your view on digital formats and the future of comics?

Thank you!!


It looks like Bryan was delayed.

I’m checking now on his availability.

Hopefully just a few minutes.


Mr. Hitch has, in fact, been delayed, but will be here at 4pm.

So everyone converge back here at 4PM EST!


Which, I suppose, is 2pm Mountain.
or Noon Pacific.

No prob!


Hi Bryan,

Thanks for doing this!

Being that you’re involved in both art and writing what advice would you give a writer who has never with an artist before and vice versa?


OKAY guys. Hopping on a little earlier as I’ve some catching up to do but will stay until 10 London time so go on, ask me anything

Apologies for the time screw up but feel free to insert your favourite HITCH IS LATE joke…


That wasn’t the end, theres TWO more issues!


Yes, two MEGA projects but it’s best to call them POST Rebirth to some degree as they aren’t part of the initial wave of books.

I’m staying off covers for a while as with all the stuff I’m writing nd writing and drawing, there just isn’t time.


That’s what @RonnieM said. i thought I’d get it from the source. But you can see why I asked!

Really enjoying the voices you use for characters - you got 'em cold!