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Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 12 - Millarworld Annual 2016 Creators


Philip, you did work for the Arkham game, yes? Or was that a different Phux?


Thank you for all of the answers folks.


Thanks for the questions.


And for some examples of how I approach different genres and short stories, I"ve got some free ones on my website, check 'em! :


Is it over? :smiley:


Just got in from work so a little late to the party but here are a couple of questions:

  1. For all of you, how did it feel to see your work in print for the 1st time?

  2. Aimed at @markabnett how hard was it to write about such an iconic character?

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Thank you Simon and everyone:)


I think a key thing about reviews is that you can’t take things personally. If you think about all the movies and books you have opinions about and compare that to your friends, family and critics they are all wildly different. I’m certainly not saying dIsmiss them buy any means but take on any feedback in a constructive and positive way.


That was me mate. I was on the team for about two years. There was 3 of us writing, 4 if you include the Director. Was lots of fun. A definite bucket list moment!


Good advice for life.

Anyone who is reviewing took time, paid money, to read your work. Positive or negative, I appreciate that hugely.

Ultimately you have to be proud of your own work. That’s the review that really matters. Trying to tailor anything you do to others is a losing proposition. You end up with something souless, flat, mercenary.


Hi :slight_smile: It’s kind of feeling like…satisfaction for all of this years of drudgery!


That’s incredible man! Hugely belated congrats, but that’s a monumental achievement.


Like all our fan chats it is over when you want it to be. :smile:

We try to be respecful of the time of our pros but if they want to keep answering we won’t stop them.


Feels great, thank you! Truly though it’s been the intervening months that have been the real pleasure. Cheesy but true. :slight_smile:


Hey you guys! I can’t wait to read my copy. Well done to you all.

I have to ask, what’s your favourite Kurt Russell movie?


Remaining true to your own styles IS what will eventually get you noticed. You just have to keep going, and learn to enjoy the small victories, even if you don’t consider them “breaking in”. Every completed comic is a hell of an achievement. Also, find creators or editors who make the things you like and become a voice in their ear, praising their work, showing an interest. Interest often becomes a two-way street over time.


Hmm, I’m not a huge fan. Loved HATEFUL EIGHT, though, if that counts.

gets booed off the boards forever


Good points Mark.


I’ve said this a couple of times in various interviews but basically aside from training montages and a few cracking scenes that mark wrote (the bulletproof vest comes to mind) I wondered what it would take to train a young girl to the leval of a professional assassin. Most professional sports people need something like 10,000 hours before they are considered good at something. I thought of way that showed how repot ion could come easy to a child and blundered my way through the thesaurus!


It’s pretty awesome to see the work in print. To be honest this whole experience has been surreal, from seeing my name as a winner, Mark following me on Twitter & seeing my face amongst the others as promotion.