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Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 10 - Rob Liefeld


Thanks, Rob. Really looking forward to more Liefeld in my future.


Thanks Rob. Good luck with the sequel and your future projects.



Thank you for your question. I came to drawing through comic books and studied the storytelling of the medium at great lengths through my teenage years. I took art courses at the local college and studied how to move the figure in the context of what I was looking to accomplish in comic books. I never ever wanted to draw realistically as I was drawn to more stylized artists such as Kirby, Byrne, Simonson and Miller. There is no better comic book manual for training to become a comic artist than How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way by Stan Lee and John Buscema, it breaks down the language of the art form better than an I"ve seen before or since. The storytelling lessons are universal and I highly recommend that book above all others.

My first comic that I drew was a story for a black and white independent comic Megaton. That was my first paid sequential story. My first work for a major publisher was an initiative for DC called a “Bonus Book” that ran in the pages of an issue of Warlord and featured a supporting character from that world.

I would love to visit Scotland sometime in the near future.

My tip for any aspiring artist is listen and learn and continue to develop and draw and incorporate new influences! Don’t get stagnant!




The comics business has the same pratfalls and pitfalls as every business. There is no shortage of politics and cliques or shifting tastes going on during any given week or month. Starting out it is more important to be reliable than any other aspect, hit your marks early and often. Impress your editors with your reliability and build on that.

As far as genres I’d like to pursue, I really have a fantasy comic that I would love to pursue in the near future. I’ve been writing it for years and it would be different flavor from what I’ve been doing over the past decade.




That sounds really interesting Rob. I shall look forward to it.

And thank you for the advice.



Funny enough, I was on the phone discussing The Infinite with Robert Kirkman last night. I am confident that we will revisit that title and those characters in the future. Our mutual passion for the characters still burn! As for Youngblood, the Extreme family of titles will be making a comeback sooner than you think!

Mark Millar is my favorite writer as well as one of the nicest people I have ever met in or out of the business. I hope we can hook up on one of his wonderful characters before we are old and hobbled!


Beware, even those of us already old and hobbled are capable of some things!

If we can only remember them …



Cable time indeed!

  1. Yes, as there were several options I had laid out for the character. For a period, I had even considered making Cable the clone of Stryfe, but reversed course after a lengthy discussion with my editor. Sidebar, both Geoff Johns and Robert Kirkman have expressed to me what a huge event and shock it was for their young comic collecting selves to encounter the big, surprise reveal at the end of New Mutants #100. It really touched me that they were each so affected. Also, makes me feel quite old.

  2. My favorite addition to the Cable lore was that staff he carried, a Scimitar? Was that what they called it? They asked me to come on board after Ladronn left the book and I really enjoyed the depiction of him with this medieval-ish weapon. The editor at the time, Mark Powers, was a Star Wars fanatic and fancied Cable as a jedi-styled warrior and the Scimitar was like his light saber. Anyways, it was fun to depict him without guns during those issues I illustrated.

  3. My favorite Cable run/writer/team was Joe Casey and Ladronn. That run, those issues, that art was spectacular. Very much hoping that it gets collected very soon in a nice hard cover!

  1. Y’never know what’s in store so further down the line.

  2. When Marvel gave me clearance to expand the Weapon X program/Dept. K mythos, I decided that following Wolverine they would go further into cybernetic development and that was my focus with Garrison Kane. I love/loved the fkying fists. Kane is a featured player in Deadpool: Bad Blood!

  3. Another multiple option answer. With Cable I gave several possible roads to travel for his backstory, details as to his origins, development, training and the future that he hailed from a s well as his parentage, and as usual Marvel decided on the course they most preferred from there. I like having options. There are so many more stories to tell with Cable and his time in the future. Cable is also featured in an extended sequence in Deadpool: Bad Blood!

Very much looking forward to the Millarworld Annual!



Favourite Comicbook Event or Crossover

Okay everyone, our time with Rob is done. I’ll leave the thread open for a bit longer in case Rob wants to finish up.

A big thank you to him for taking the time and my apologies for not getting his login sorted sooner!


Thanks for dropping by, Rob. It’s always a pleasure and you’re always welcome on Millarworld.


This is awesome. I got 1 of my questions answered through his answer to someone else :laughing: very interesting stuff here!


I recently tagged this as my “Single best moment in a comic ever”. It’s what got me into comics. The original art for that page would probably be my Holy Grail.



I missed your last few comments and wanted to say thank you for your enthusiasm for Cable, it is truly inspiring to hear the excitement that characters that I conceived and created generate!

That is a wrap, I wanted to give detailed answers as I don’t care for the quick brush off comments that some do in forums such as these. I went in order and as fast as I could. thank you everybody!



Thanks again Rob.
Absolutely agree on the Casey: Ladron run. Comics gold

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