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Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 10 - Rob Liefeld


Our guest this week for the Millarworld chat series is artist Rob Liefeld. In the early 1990’s, the self-taught artist became prominent due to his work on Marvel Comics’ The New Mutants and later X-Force. In 1992, he and several other popular Marvel illustrators left the company to found Image Comics, which started a wave of comic books owned by their creators rather than by publishers. He is currently working on a Marvel Comics OGN, Deadpool: Bad Blood and a relaunch of his creator owned series, Brigade.

Please feel free to leave any questions you might have for Rob in this thread ahead of time but only questions please. All other posts will be deleted. Thank you.

Rob’s Twitter

Rob’s Website

Join us on June 22nd at 2:00 PM New York time.

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Hi Rob. Congratulations on the massive success of the Deadpool movie.

It’s been interesting to see people react to its success by trying to pin down the elements that made it such a hit, and replicate them. Do you think people are taking the right lessons from it?


Rob, thank you for doing the fan chat.

Was there one issue that just turned out better than you expected when you saw the printed issue?

What character have you not drawn yet that would surprise people that you really want to do?


Hello, thank you for joining this chat, here is my question:

Lately you draw a cover for Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1, will you draw a full Millarworld book soon?


@RobLiefeld - Welcome back to Millarworld. It’s always a pleasure to have you here.

I really loved the Deadpool film earlier this year. It had to be gratifying to finally see that come to fruition. Are you involved in the sequel process? Any other Liefeld creations we can expect to pop up in film in the near future?

I’m really looking forward to Deadpool: Bad Blood and the relaunch of Brigade? Do either have a release date yet? Have you decided on a publisher for Brigade?


Hi rob love deadpool I got a couple of questions if you could answer please

  1. How did you get into drawing
  2. What was first comic you draw
    3.would you love to come to Scotland
    4 any tips for upcoming artists


Hello Rob,

Always nice to see you back.

Do you have any advice for storytellers on what to do or what pitfalls to avoid when working on a comic? Also, is there anything or any genre that you would love to work on (in comics or otherwise), but have never had the opportunity? Now is the time to tell us about the Kung Fu Western musical that you’ve always dreamed of :wink:


Hi Rob,
I would love to see you team up with Mark again and do a Millarworld book, but was also wondering if you and Kirkman would ever return to The Infinite? And what are the chances we see a new Youngblood comic? I always thought it was an amazing concept, that was well ahead of it’s time. It should be a book Image is always publishing.


Hi Rob


  1. Was Stryfe always going to be Cables Clone?
  2. Whats your favorite addition to Cable lore?
  3. Aside from Fabian and Yourself who is your favorite Cable writer and artist?
  4. Deadpool 3: Crack open the 6 Pack?
  5. Where did all of Garrison Kanes fists come from??
  6. Was Cable always meant to be the son of Scott and Jean?
  7. Will you be picking up the new Millarworld Annual??:wink: here’s a preview
    Millarworld Annual 2016 Preview

FYI Cable was the character that drew me into my first comic book store.
Living in New Zealand in 1995 there wasn’t many back issues available and it took me 6 months to save up and send a money order across the pacific ocean for about 40 issues of titles that had Cable in it.

I also spent my Millarworld Annual Prize money on a CGC copy of New Mutants #87 so basically thanks for creating a great Character that began my comics addiction!


Howdy Rob! Welcome back to MillarWorld!

What do you think of both the Big 2 needing rather a Czar? First Avi Arad, then Kevin Feige, and now Geoff Johns. Is this part of the Editor-in-Chief being the pilot of the creative ship writ large? Or do you think any bunch of kids on a playground need a teacher?


Hi Rob,

On Twitter you recently hinted that there may be a Youngblood movie in the works, please can you shed anymore light on this?

Do you have any news on the publisher of Brigade and a timetable for that to start?

Is there any possibility of you and Mark working together in the future?

Many thanks


Rob is on his way, working on his log in.


Dave, only time will tell. I have very strong opinions as to why the movie succeeded, predicted its success but not the avalanche that it created at the box office. It was such a combo of factors including timing. We will see what comes…




Actually, most of my work has benefitted from the printing process, newsprint was a great learning curve as it would conceal inking mistakes. The bleed of the paper would strengthen many of my lines during the X-Force period. The high gloss Image paper was less forgiving but the emergence of computer coloring really helped conceal my learning there as well. Color became more important than any other time as production processes improved. I’m fortunate to work with great color artists over the last 25 years.


This is super interesting. Not being an artist, the paper quality is something I don’t give a lot of thought to.


Rob, in 2013, you raised over $35,000 for a Kickstarter to produce a new Brigade comic to give away for free. However, three years later, the comic hasn’t been released. Any updates on that? Will the comic still be released for free?

Follow-up: In a recent update to the Kickstarter page, you announced:

“Meeting with the new popular publisher this week. Necessary change as variant covers are part of the package and current publisher [Image] does not and will not allow for multiple variants.”

You announced that on the same day your own variant cover for Jupiter’s Legacy 2 was revealed by Image as part of multiple variant covers for that project. Comment?


I did. The change-over from pulpy paper to gloss(ier) changed much of the perception, as well as changing a lot of artists and inkers (IMO). There’s something about the confidence of lines on glossy stock that is comforting, somehow.


Ok my first time here :laughing: not sure if im using it correctly. I would like to ask Rob about things. 1) when will we get more Bloodstrike? 2)is there a release date for bad blood and 3) when are you coming to Florida :laughing:. Thanks, Heather



Thank you for you kind words on Deadpool. I’m so pleased for all the fans as well as the talented film makers who carried the burden of getting the film before cameras. This was a triumph for them as well as the many fans who had waited so eagerly and patiently. I am fortunate to be aware of a great many details on Deadpool 2 but can’t say anything further other than I truly believe the fan base will absolutely explode over what is headed their way. Bringing back all the key players, Rhett, Paul, Tim and of course Ryan himself is key to giving you what you want! its going to be exceptional.

Deadpool: Bad Blood is near completion and should come end of this year or early 2017.

Brigade will be here soon!