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Fan Chat Season 2. Episode 1- Rafael Albuquerque


Our next guest in the fan chat series will be artist Rafael Albuquerque. Rafael is know for his work on American Vampire and Blue Beetle. He is currently the artist on Huck, with our own Mark Millar. He has also just been announced as the new artist on Batgirl.

Please feel free to leave any questions you might have for Rafael in this thread ahead of time but only questions please. All other posts will be deleted. Thank you.

Rafael’s website



I have to ask:

While it’s great you’re in demand for books like Huck and now Batgirl, any news on American Vampire: Third Cycle?


It has been recently announced that are the artist for BATGIRL in DC’s Rebirth, could you share any details about it? How were you offered? What will happen to American Vampire?

How’s the experience working with @Mark_Millar and Image Comics? Are there differences creatively working with Vertigo Comics to Image Comics?

How many pages can you finish in a day?

We see you from then even now try and experiment different techniques with your art, for you, how important is that as an artist?

So far, what’s the weirdest sketch commission you’ve ever done?


What comic book have you read that changed your life? The comic book that inspired you to be an artist.


Welcome to this chat!, thank you for finding the time to answer all these questions, I met you once in 2011 in Venezuela and you were so nice and kind, and very fluently in spanish, so here are my questions:

1.- With Huck you felt you were out of your comfort zone? how it was the challenge?
2.- How many hours a day you spent drawing?
3.- You have worked with the best writers in the industry like Snyder and Millar, which one are you willing to work in the future?
4.- Did you ever knew a guy like Huck in your real life?
5.- What is your source of inspiration?

Thank you again and cheers with a White Russian!


Howdy, Rafael. Welcome to MillarWorld!

Man, I’ve loved your work, and I am digging Huck big time. Apparently so is David Letterman, who, in retirement, has become a huge Dr. Orlov fan.

What do you think?


Hi Rafael, Thanks for showing up for this. I was 1st introduced to your work by my daughter in American Vampire, when I saw Huck it surpassed the high expectations I had already. :slight_smile: Can’t tell you how in love with that book I am!
What age were you the 1st time you drew a comic story? What age did you start trying to be published?

I’ll be out today so any further posts in this thread will be from my daughter, Amber. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Is there something that writers tend to do in scripts that annoys you as an artist?


Hello Rafael,

Thanks for joining us today. I am loving Huck. And it is a book that my wife has been enjoying a lot as well. So thank you for that.

You have a very broad and distinguished body of work. Are there any particular genres that you haven’t worked in that you might like to?


Figuring out how to use this, but here i am!



Is it true you’re the most fertile man in the whole of Brazil?



Second. I cant wait to see that mf die!


Okey, so how does it work? Despite emails, im really bad with technology :smiley:


PS Do you promise to slightly rush Batgirl so you still have time for Huck 2?



Hahaha. I cant confirm or deny this information.


Hi Rafael,
Will you still have time to work on the American Vampire: Third Cycle?


Hey! As much as I’m working in a tight schedule, everything is planned to work out without delays. Huck #1 is done, Batgirl is already in production, and American Vampire should have a big announcement soon. Dont worry!


Is there also going to be a sequel to Ei8ht? I’m sure I read that somewhere (boy you are busy!)


Actual proper questions from me:

1/ Who were your art heroes growing up?

2/ How did you get discovered? AV was the first Rafa project I ever saw,