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Exclusive Magic Order Preview - COIPEL ART OMG!



Love the artwork, the detail on that library scene!


Coipel is excellent at conveying a sense of volume and space through perspective and POV. I’m excited for this one.


Some truly fantastic artwork there! As I haven’t really read much of Coipel’s Marvel work, this is very fresh perspective for me.


Excellent stuff.


Dave Stewarts colours are exquisite.


Dear Mr Millar, dear friends,

Coipel never looked so good and moody; like a symphony.

Can’t wait to read the lyrics,



Coipel: Check, and awesome.

Now you only need to entice Chris Samnee for your artist dream team.

(Also, Cliff Chiang)


Dear Mr Millar, dear friends,

just saw the preview to Magic Order’s issue three cover.

A quote from Tom Shakesbeer my postman comes to mind as he put it just last week: Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief:




That’s really cool.


This is going to be so damned good. Can’t wait.


Brilliant. I need to track a copy of this variant.