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Every change made to Star Wars Eps 4-6


Every change made to the original trilogy, from the big ones like Han shooting second to smaller moments I’d never really noticed.






Let there be no further doubt!


Surely just “Han shot”. In the original, Greedo didn’t get the chance. :slight_smile:


I’ve only ever seen the Special Editions and the Blu-Ray versions. The only change I noticed between them was the addition of Hayden Christensen, which just felt wrong.


The CG X-Wings for the blu-ray release of Episode IV make me unbelievably sad every time I watch it.


You didn’t notice the NOOOOOOOOO! in Return of the Jedi? :open_mouth:


No, but there was 15 years between my first and second viewings.


What’s with the ‘144 days’ bit in the link title?


My wife has the two disc DVDs of the original trilogy. The second discs all have original theatrical versions of the movies in them. Those are the ones we watch when we put the films on.


Time left til episode seven is out, I think.


I went to a Reginald D Hunter show a few years ago when he talked about media filling us with an anger which is not our own. Stuff about hostility between different groups of people because of bad things that happened between their ancestors, so they could never move on, certain groups would always carry around anger for things that happened to somebody else. I didn’t know what he was talking about, until recently when I, a child who grew up with the VHS special editions, passionately shouted “HAN SHOT FIRST!” during a SW discussion.


Oh, thought it was referring to something else - like new BR edition minus the crap new bits perhaps.


They would sell a shit load of those if they released BR editions of theatrical versions of the movies. The comparison videos above really show how lovely the original footage is when it’s scrubbed up a bit.


I found a copy of episode IV like that, second-hand for just under a fiver. I bought it without blinking.
Empire Strikes Back alone is for sale on Amazon for 20ish quid, which I thought was strange because it surely has the least changes of the 3?


Very much so. Not just because it doesn’t make any sense (what with both Yoda and Ben looking the way they did at the time of their deaths), but it’s also quite insulting to the late Sebastian Shaw to just replace him and take the short moment we saw him without Vader make-up out of the movie.

I did like the scenes of celebration in places like Coruscant; that actually made a lot of sense to me and was a nice nod for the younger generation who have seen the prequels first.


Probably not even canon any more. Everything old is new again.


Yeah it is.


Well, I suppose it can still exist in the new canon, as a celebration of the Emperor’s death. But when it was initially made, that was supposed to mean the end of the Empire, but with the new canon it seems to be still rebellion vs Empire.


Well, people could be celebrating the end of the Empire, and then be really, really surprised when the Stormtroopers crack down on them.


We can expect scenes of much more cautious jubilation at the end of Ep. 9.