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Eurovision 2019


It’s that time again.


Tomorrow night is Eurovision, historically known as the most active night of the calendar for Millarworld, and always the most entertaining thread of the year.

Here’s the official website with more details:

And here’s a breakdown of some of the main runners and riders.

To get you in the mood, here’s last year’s winner.

The countdown to see who will be first to mention Polish milkmaids starts… Now!


That winning song is incredible.

Do they stream it online? There’s 400 channels on cable but none of them will show the Eurovision. BBC America is showing the hit movie Dante’s Peak tomorrow night.


My kids love that one.


Looks like it’s been dumped this year due to low ratings.

Which is ironic given the creeping pandering to the US audience.

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I think, as europeans, it’s our moral duty to vote for England so that next year the no longer a union member state is forced to hold a celebration of european culture and unity within their borders.


Not to the US.

There’s a lot of stuff like this online though if you want to.


England do not enter. You mean UK.

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Sorry, yes.

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You really want to share blame for this?


Not really but facts are facts. :joy:


I mentioned this one before - this is the German song this year, “Sister”, by “S!isters”. It’s fucking terrible.

I’ll be watching this year, with friends and beer. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on this thread, too. Thanks for getting things rolling, Dave!


Let’s be honest, they are all fucking terrible.


Fucking yeah! I would love you guys forever if you could make that happen!

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But some of them are terrible in fun ways.

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The Dutch song is a cringefest. And according to the polls 102 % of the country think he’s going to win.


Tis a good evening, can watch the FA cup final on TV with the boys first and then let them stay up for Eurovision.


Ah man, we’re out tonight (got tickets to see Paul Merton’s improv show) so will miss this.


I always keep an open mind, you never know when you will discover a hidden gem among the garbage. I have albums by at least two Eurovision singers and at least one songwriter.


My Man in Tel Aviv is tipping Iceland for the win.

His choices are always terrible though, so I wouldn’t put any money on it :wink:


Isn’t Iceland the metal band? Not heard it yet.