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Eurovision 2016! Live chat now!


This is only a week and a bit away!

The Semi-Finals are on Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th at 8pm (UK time) and thanks to the demise of BBC Three, they’re now on BBC Four.

After getting more points last year than the UK have in the past decade, Australia have been invited back. Quelle surprise. Romania are out, for not paying their debts and Ireland have resorted to entering one of Westlife.

And the finals are being broadcast in America this year (on some niche cable channel aimed at LGBT audiences, so they’ve already worked out that it’s camp nonsense). Will America get it? Will they eventually get to enter like Australia? Will this make them write off Europe completely and vote Trump? Who knows!

Meanwhile, faithful Electro-Velvet fans are still waiting for a follow up single…

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The guy from Westlife is a now a Radio presenter on our National broadcaster…i.e. the people sending him are sending someone who works for them anyway.

Because it has an RTE presenter representing Ireland, none of the other rival radio stations will play his song. So thankfully, I have never heard it.




Damn, is it that soon? I’m not sure if I can free up next Saturday evening :frowning:


We will be live-chatting this again. Oh yes, we will.


Yeah, shit, I’m travelling next Saturday, so I doubt I’ll be able to really make it. Damn. Those Eurovision chats always are absolute highlights of the year.


I might have to go out for a friend’s birthday (which is never normally around Eurovision, I’m sure), but hoping I can wrangle it into a Eurovision party.


Oh, Ireland. You went for a ringer and it didn’t work. How is he going to face the rest of Westlife now?

Eliminated semi-finalists:
Round 1




San Marino






Eliminated semi finalists
Round 2



Ireland (Ireland!)







It’s a national scandal. People have put all talk of Water charges, repeal of the 8th amendment and the national housing crisis to one side. Expect to see murmurings about Ireland leaving the EU before the end of the summer. We are so over with Europe.


The Irish Times put it best

Byrne had expressed the hope that he would be Eurovision 2016’s Leicester City, but he turned out to be Aston Villa after all.

I heard the song this morning for the first time. It was a bit crap.


I can’t believe Greta Salome got eliminated :anguished:

Not really a great song, though. Literally everything on her first album was better than this.



Ireland entered the wrong song.


I showed that some French people recently…they didn’t quite get that it was a joke.

Taken from the Irish Independent…the backlash has begun


There were a lot of angry headlines on the tabloids this evening. I know they’re just pandering, but does anyone in Ireland seriously think we have a chance of winning?


We are hosting a Eurovision party at ours tomorrow with a bunch of current and lapsed Millarworlders.

Looking forward to this!


I’m trying to work out if this is offensive, and if so to whom…


Got Armenia in my work sweepstake so I guess I’m rooting for them this weekend. I’m regretting not going to a Eurovision party someone from my work is arranging. Reckon it would have led to some quality banter.


I’ve got a bottle of procecco and pizza.

Boyfriend will not watch it with me, so I’m on my own :wink:


that man is a fool and a communist