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Euro 2016 - Millarworld Sweepstake!


Euro 2016: Millarworld Sweepstake

Euro 2016 kicks off in just over a week. So just for a bit of fun, I thought I’d set up a sweepstake for any Millarworlders who fancy joining in.

There are going to be 24 teams competing, so the first 24 people who post in this thread wanting to join in will be added to the list, which I’ll set up using a random online sweepstake generator to allocate teams.

(If you want to get notifications sent direct to your e-mail then let me know your e-mail address too - a PM is fine if you’d rather not post it publicly.)

Disclaimer: There’s no money involved - you’re just in this for the glory!

Disclaimer 2: I know next to nothing about football. But I thought this would be fun.


Count me in Mr. Wallace.

I also know next to nothing about football. By which I mean, I support Republic of Ireland and Aston Villa, which largely amounts to the same thing.

I can however explain the offside rule, but generally need a lot of condiments and random cutlery with which to do so. :wink:


I’m in!

I love a good sweepstake!


I’m in!

(Don’t let me get England) :smile:


I’m in. The World Cup one was pretty fun.



…the board told me this post was invalid.



Um…phrasing! :wink:


I witnessed Mike’s sticking in of footballers!

I’m in as well for this.


I’m in!

Should be a lot of fun!


btw I also know nothing about football so yeah definitely gonna be fun.


I am so in.

It does suck that the Euros don’t have many of my favourite teams but whatever.


Throwing my name into the turmoil – I mean, the sweepstakes. Being Murrican, I know even less than Dave Wallace about football. :confused:


You’ll fit right in.


count me in!

@garjones how about a wee side bet on NZ v Wales in the Rugby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New Zealand coming off their second world cup win in a row and their worst team in super rugby has more points than the best Aussie one?

I’m patriotic but not stupid. :wink:


I’m in!


the question now is: is there anyone that knows a thing about football?


I’m in, though I doubt any European team can recapture the magic of the mighty Honduras at the last World Cup.


Yes. I have watched many games, even some of them in the actual stadia. Since this is a luck of the draw sweepstakes though it is of bugger all value. :smile:


Is this about the Brexit vote? :confused: