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MW, I need some suggestions.

I’m in need to commission some artwork for an upcoming project, and I’m looking for ideas on up and comers who might fit the bill. Essentially I’m looking for Jae Lee, MIke Mignola or Simon Bisley type artwork, something stylistic and unique with a focus on making characters look larger than life or otherworldly.

If you have anyone in mind who’d fit that bill, particularly an up and comer I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Or alternatively if you’d like to share who you think are the best artists that can capture an epic feel in their work, please feel free. I’m always interested to hear different opinions on art.


Jakub Rebelka did amazing work on JUDAS that seems up that alley. More Jae Lee/Mignola with a blocky-but-finessed flair.


Sana Takeda

Tradd Moore


James Harren comes to mind. His art on the first few arcs of the Image book RUMBLE is distinctive and larger-than-life.


Luke Parker is a really good Mignola-esque artist. Here’s a splash he did for the Merrick comic:



Thanks, that’s a great suggestion.


As far as up and comers go, I really like Ozgur Yildrim from the Millarworld annual and a handful of Millarworld covers at this point.


I suggest someone similar to the style of Darwin Cooke whose style, while art deco-is, has a larger than life aspect to it. I know that this is of limited help to you since Darwyn has passed but I hope that it suggests some other styles of artwork than were mentioned in previous posts.