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Entourage trailer


I never saw the appeal of that show, but I watched that trailer twice and there’s genuinely no jokes. Are fans of the TV show digging this? Is it more drama than comedy??



I liked the trailer.
And the show? The appeal for me was watching the Entourage sort of grow.
Drama learning how to move in a world that has forgotten him.
Turtle trying to make a name for himself outside being a moocher.
E…just trying to not be a d-bag.
Ari trying to be a family man but a shark in the business world.

I liked it.
And the trailer? Showed a bit more of the same.
I didn’t hate it because it is the gang.

Vincent was always a plot device. He’s the actor, not the Entourage.


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From the opening “Well…” you can tell Mark Kermode isn’t a fan.


The appeal was easy to define; what’s it like being part of the team when fame and fortune arrive?

Having said that, I gave up on the show after four seasons and only recently caught up with what came after. The reason I dropped the show was easy to define too; I didn’t believe it.

I don’t meant that I had to take every moment as a true depiction of things that had really happened to people in Hollywood, but I did have to believe that it was an accurate representation of what could happen, with 20% added for comedy/drama etc.

And speaking of Drama, he was a prime example. Great character, perfect casting, and then they just made him ridiculous. He just became a conduit for any daft idea the producers came up with, “Hey, Drama can sell that.”

Well no, he couldn’t, through no fault of his own. Even the right actor in the right role can’t save a truly bad piece of writing.

Obviously I’m going to see the movie anyway! I want to believe they can make it work again. :smile:


I think Vincent was the thing that broke the show for me.
As I mentioned above - he’s a plot device.

The last seasons tried to give him a character arc and it did not work. At all.
Ooh boy it was bad. The last two seasons were weakened by every scene he was in.

I too want to believe it can work again. Cause I didn’t hate the very last season. Sasha Grey was gone.


What a miserable git.


Hey, leave Bruce alone! :slight_smile:


There are jokes but unfortunately they’re not funny.

I have never watched the TV show and only have a brief passing knowledge of it’s existence. I’ve seen the trailer a few times in the cinema and each time it has left me stone cold. Every character in it looks like an awful person.

How’s it being recieved critically (beyond the review that Jim may or may not have agreed with above)?


Awful? No.
Except for E…but his character arc is not being an awful person.

Brash and stupid? Sure, at times.


It’s got 30% from critics at Rotten Tomatoes, but also 75% from audience feedback


“particularly shallow, cameo studded extended episode of the show”

…so, sounds like everything’s in order for me.
I just want to see Lloyd’s wedding. That was good in the trailer


Which suggests that people who like the show will likely like it, but it might not do anything for the uninitiated.


It’s not going to do ‘Jurassic World’ sort of business.


I think the better marker would be Sex And The City.
But as a sort of male version…that was a long shot


Sex and the City made $150M in the US, and the sequel made $95M. Entourage has only made $30M.

It’s possible it’ll do better outside the US, but I doubt it.

I watched the first season of the show, but stopped because I never laughed and I hated all the characters.


This should have been the pull-quote on the DVD packaging.


I’d buy it!


Are you saying “male version” meaning because it stars male actors, or because it appeals to a male audience? (I’ve never seen it, so I have no idea who it is supposed to appeal to.)


Appeals to a male audience.
it’s very much about comraderie and “bro-ship” and stuff like that abounds.

Like how SATC is about a tightly knit group of female friends, Entourage is pretty much the phallic counterpart.