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Entertainment Weekly on Huck - First look & interview!


Rafael and I are so, so, so, so excited about this book. Here’s a couple of coloured and lettered pages from issue one. Am working hard on the second volume right now. #1 launches in November and I absolutely guarantee Huck is about to become your new favourite character:



That sounds great. I’m looking forward to this!


I swear people, this book has magic in it. Don’t miss it.


That art is beautiful! It almost looks like something by Tim Sale (who you should definitely do a book with). I can’t wait for my new favourite comic. :blush:

I really dig the lettering too. Who do I thank for that?


I agree, I love Rafael’s work on American Vampire but his style here is bigger and bolder, playing into the old school theme.




Stephen King has got to have a cameo!
Maybe walking his dog along a road or summat.

… but … Maine???

I was kinda hoping for Colorado…



Speaking as someone from Maine: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I like Maine just fine. Great crab!

I was just hoping for Colorado … :sob:


That looks beautiful! I was worried there wouldn’t be a Millar book to follow this winter. Can’t wait to hunker down by the crackling woodstove each month with this! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


There is a drinking game for Stephen King and the first rule is take a shot if the story is set in Maine.

HUCK looks really cool.