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Enjoyed Jurassic World last night...SPOILERS


…but here’s a thought:


Am I the only person who finds it weird when the dinosaur saves the day? Not just because it’s a reprise of the first and we hadn’t seen the T-Rex through the movie, but actually more because I’m not rooting for the dinosaur. I’m rooting for the people surely?

I remember feeling this big time with the original and wanted to see Sam Neil or Laura Dern save the day, but the theory I guess was the T-Rex was the real star. This was always problematic for me in the same way Jaws would feel weird had the shark been defeated by another fish instead of the humans we’d been worried about for the entire picture. I always felt the first JP movie needed a SMILE, YOU SON OF A BITCH moment and then an explosion, but then I was never especially into dinosaurs. I liked them well enough, but I suspect the whole fascination is slightly overplayed with kids these past 20 years as they were no bigger a deal for me than knights or cowboys and way, way less than superheroes. Ditto my buddies.

Am I the only pro-human audience member who feels slightly weirded by these endings in otherwise very good films? Maybe at 23 I was just too grown-up for first JP movie.



Maybe it’s different as I was way more into dinosaurs as a kid, but I always thought JP fell more into the Godzilla/King Kong mould of having monsters that are clearly dangerous and destructive, but are so charismatic in and of themselves that you don’t want to see anything really bad happen to them.

(Except for the 'raptors, obviously. They’re irritating little bastards.)


I loved King Kong, but I always saw him as the menace. It was sad when he died of course, but I was rooting for the humans and knew he had to pop his clogs as he was a danger :smile:

I’ve never been into Godzilla or Giant Robots Fighting Godzilla. I always feel a massive disconnect from those kind of characters. It’s like kids who would have reptiles as pets. I absolutely never got that, though I understood dinosaurs were visually interesting. I just couldn’t relate to them any more than I could, for example, a cow so the movies never really had any particular resonance for me.



Honestly, any analytical part of my brain that had made it that far got completely shushed the moment Chris Pratt went “RRAWR! I’M the Alpha”


I’m so curious to see how they direct him next movie here as this obviously shot pre-Guardians release. I kept waiting for him to do a great joke because he’s SO GOOD at that, but he’s serious Pratt all the way through. It’s quite weird. Audience seemed to be waiting for a laugh, but he was played as straight as Sam Neill.

Now I think they know what they have with him and he’ll be WAY more Chris Pratt next time. I’m utterly convinced the success of this movie was multiplying JP by Star-Lord. It was the coming together of two franchises… like putting Angelina Jolie in the ID4 sequel. It felt huge because it was way way bigger than how it would have felt with any other actor.



I never saw what all the fuss was about 20 years ago. JP was a decent movie with some amazing CGI, but I was never that much into dinosaurs either. They were kind of interesting but not cool. And I haven’t been able to summon any enthusiasm to go and see the new version. If it runs true to form for modern sequels/remakes, the visuals will be even more amazing but the story even thinner than the original.

For dinosaurs, I don’t think anything will ever beat The Lost World. I mean this one:

Sure, even when I was 7 I knew it was just tiny lizards with cardboard fins stuck on, but it was still awesome, and exciting in a way that Jurassic Park never was to me as an adult. Maybe that’s the problem. I saw JP as an adult, and it’s really a kids’ film.


I was 11 or 12 when I saw JP, which I think is pretty much the perfect age.


JW is a weird rehash of JP. I think a lot of stuff in it is done without too much introspection or even planning.

What were the two kids doing in the film? We need people in peril but why them? Because there were two kids in the first one and the younger one was a bit of a genius, as is the younger one this time.

Only in JP the genius kid does something significant with his genius at the end of the movie, in this one, he just points out that they’re out gunned (out-teethed?) against Genetic Rex.

I could go on (and I probably will) but that was a pretty obvious case of, “Hey it worked in 1993, lets just do it again!!!”

Here I am, going on; I get that some people aren’t into dinosaurs and never were, but I was, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that movies like this are huge hits.

I think the difference between ‘Jaws’ and ‘JP’ is that the shark was a monster and dinosaurs are animals.

Yes, I know the shark is really just an animal in real life but, in the movie, it was a monster. It was stalking people, it even stalked the Orca and the people on it!

It was Freddy Krueger with a dorsal fin and it had to die in a big way.

In JP they played the dinosaurs as dangerous, but not evil. If they’d blown a T-Rex or the Raptors up it would’ve upset a lot of people.

They crossed that line a bit in JW, but not all the way.


The one thing I really enjoyed about Jurassic World was BD Wong.
But I like BD Wong, and his voice, and I’ve always thought he should play more villains.

Other than that - it felt like T3. Harmless in the grand scheme, and enjoyably mediocre.


I have always rooted for the dinosaurs.

Frankenstein’s “monster” was abused and misunderstood.

Few werewolves chose their fate.

Dracula sucked.

The meta-message should be “humans and dinosaurs mix badly”. History separated the species by 65 million years for a reason.

Despite Devil Dinosaur.




I saw JW last week and felt I was seeing a huge rehash of the 1st movie. And since I had seen the 1st at home a few days before that I end up feeling that almost nothing new was achieved here. Felt more empty at the end than with the first one.
I didn’t like the kids (again)… If I was writing that story they wouldn’t have survived… and if InGen is so good with genetics what are they doing cloning / changing dinosaurs? They should present us with some changed humans! It shows lack of sight or dumbness on the part of the writers of the movie. I guess they just wanted us to see dinosaurs again. I’ve seen them, but this movie is clearly for a more “not so smart” audience…
Pure popcorn (which I hate) movie.
In order to enjoy it turn brain off! :smile:


All Crichton wanted was to write a nifty dinosaur book, like the Harryhausen movies and such from our youth. That’s all.

“Never work with animals or children.”

  • W.C. Fields


Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are both going to be back for the Jurassic World sequel, out summer 2018:

I’m very curious as to what the plot will be. They can’t repeat the same Jurassic Park formula again.


Presumably they’ll follow up on the dangling plot points from this movie with InGen - perhaps the characters will have to be more active in using what they now know about the company to stop their meddling with dino-science.


They could always repeat the plot of ‘Lost World’ instead?


Including the Raptor kick?


The raptors will be a fully fledged motorcycle gang next time.



Raptors without a cause?