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English things Scottish people don't get!


I hate nationalism. Scots and English are just the same, except for the small things.

At the top of my list of things Scottish people don’t get about English people are their love of…

James Corden
Actually ALL of Gavin and Stacy
David Beckham
And (historically) Mr Blobby, which nobody up here ever got.

Is there anything else or is this it?



I’m with you on all of those things. Well, maybe not Mr Blobby. I think that was an age thing. And originally it was quite clever, an in-joke at the rubbish things the TV industry would get people to do and a handy way for Noel Edmonds to hide in plain sight for those Gotcha pranks he did, but then it just ballooned out from that.


I’m English and I don’t get any of those. Which is further evidence of why you should embrace Northumberland as part of Scotland when you eventually achieve independence… please :worried:


Going the other way around, there’s loads of particularly Scottish things which often seem to bemuse our southern cousins

There’s loads of words, some of which are obviously Scots, but there’s a surprising number I didn’t realise weren’t standard English words til I moved down south.

The importance of Irn Bru

The meringue joke

Ceilidh-dancing is MEANT to leave you with bruises and doesn’t need to be health and safety risk assessed

The English fascination with investigating under kilts

“Taps aff”

Square sausage


I’m in neutral territory as a Welshman, I think Uncle Bryn in Gavin and Stacey is a classic comedy character and covet Irn Bru as the best the best hangover cure available.

Surely everyone hates Mr Blobby?


He’s actually rather popular in the US too. :wink:


Yeah, I don’t understand anyone liking him. He’s the least talented person in the room in everything he’s ever been involved with. The popularity in the US confuses me to no end.


I think it’s his comfort with this exact thing. You can tell he’s a fan wherever he goes even on the Grammys last night. His Carpool Karoake is fabulous. The Stevie Wonder one brought a tear to my eye.


See, I like seeing that too, but even if I forgive the sheer lack of discernible talent (which I have done with people before, but usually in place of it there’s some chirisma) I find Cordon’s fanhood false and bordering on unprofessional and I end up just seeing a massive suck-up at work, something I have no respect for. I don’t understand how people can get past that to find anything likeable. :confounded:


The people he does them with truly seem to love him. So it must be sincere.


Getting your ego rubbed vigorously by a quaint, podgy Englishman is celebrity bacon-flavoured cat-nip though. Yeah… I just don’t believe him. Though America is very used to that sort of false appraisal, to the point where it seems to be how you have to be as a celebrity, and he excels at kissing ass. I’m starting to understand it now.


He almost cries when Stevie calls his wife. How can you not love that? Have you ever met any of your heroes? It’s a weird thing. You don’t think you’re going to be like that but something about how someone’s work has affected your life just comes out in those moments.


I don’t believe him :disappointed:


Do you have a soul? :wink:


I have five. Though all of them are paid for and none of them are mine.


…sunshine…am I doing this right?


Does England really have that much more sunshine than Scotland that it can boast? :wink:


It felt necessary to post this:


Half-time at the rugby at the weekend, it’s that sense of absolute certainty that you know exactly how it’s going to end without needing to see it. This is the Spirit of Renton.


Your not wrong Mike. I’ve spent the last few years backing the scottish rugby team and watching them come up short when it counts every single time. And its always basic bloody errors that do them in which most professional teams in this day and age wouldn’t allow.

For me watching them is like if someone went to NZ and watched us try to play football.
Its as if some ones given them a different rule book and said “f*ck it lets play above our potential but with 10 minutes to go we’ll pack it in and take a smoko break”