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Endgame - Dark Knight Trilogy - (but mostly Man of Steel) - Same mistake?

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The Dark Knight films were enormously popular. I’d seen it reported that Bale would have come back as Batman even without Nolan. Rises clearly left the way open for more films in that universe as well.

DC ejected that and it’s fair to say the subsequent DC films haven’t been as successful likely hoped.

I think if they had wanted to, Bale would have remained and they could have continued either with him or Levitt a good while longer, in the Nolan verse.

I’m seeing the Avengers hype move into overdrive and it’s widely anticipated that at least one possibly more of the core Avengers cast won’t be around for future films after this one.

This seems unquestioned by almost everyone. It’s the end of phase 3, whatever. Marvel managed something different with many films telling a narrative and some of the characters established are now well loved.

Why would they write the current versions of core characters off at this time?

I could see it if the actors absolutely didn’t want to know or wanted far too much money. Other than that, why end it here?

Obviously I’ve not seen Endgame, I hope I’m wrong but I think it’s a mistake to close the door on the big 3 Avengers at this time.


This has been touched on at length in both the Marvel and Box Office threads but it’s a combination of a bunch of things.

First off, the actors have to give a lot of time to the movies and in these films, especially, the press tours are soul destroying. Some of the actors have wanted to get out for quite some time. More money is a fix but really, you want your actors to want to come to work.

Secondly, the MCU has tried to get away from hanging characters on specific actors for success. They had two early major issues with cast members in their Hulk and their Rhodey and knew from the begining that while the actors are important, none can be irreplaceable. The franchise comes first.

Finally, it just makes good sense to move in a different direction before things go stale. Characters can be brought back in 5 to 10 years for even bigger box office success or simply to reinvigorate the whole franchise.

After all…


Chris Evans is the only guy who’s probably gone. They’re using lots of the B list Avengers for their streaming service so the Avengers brand is probably going away just to let them make new things. But the death of the MCU is highly overstated. One main character maybe gone, probably a couple of C list supporting characters who don’t have much of a future (Nebula, maybe War Machine, and it’s probably time for Nick Fury to go), but after Endgame 90% of the MCU will still be alive and kicking.


I’ve not read any of the bigger name actors even hinting they’ve had enough. I’m loathe to see RDJ leave to see some piss poor iron heart character come in as the replacement.

These characters worked for decades in the comics and they could work decades in the movies. I’m sure I’ve seen in writing Bales regret at not being asked back.

I’ve heard Hemsworth say that he will stay as long as they want him.

I wonder if RDJ wants it over?

I think RDJ loves being Tony Stark. I think he’s kinda become Tony Stark. I’m sure he’s fed up of all the demands Disney put on him, but he’s 54 and looks it. He’s not getting any more big roles. He career rose from the grave, every day he knows how lucky he is.

I’d think it more Disney want him in a lesser role so their other properties can shine and take the lead.


He’s in the new Spider-Man movie isn’t he?

Like RDJ, I think the MCU is a bit of a pension plan for SLJ too.

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That’s right. Just Nebula then I guess.

The old big 3 are going to be replaced with a new big 3 (Captain Marvel, Black Panther and probably Doctor Strange.) I suspect that they will be the faces of the Avengers franchise going forward, given that their three solo origin movies grossed an average of around a billion each.

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So Evans out with Hemsworth and RDJ remaining? I’m happier with that. I always felt Cap should have been older- specifically Aaron Eckhart

Chris Evans has swung back and forth on the subject depending on what movie he was promoting at the time of the interview, but it’s reasonably well known that he wants to do more dramatic roles and directing. He’s not going to earn an Oscar with Cap and he famously had to be talked into taking the role in the first place.

RDJ has swung both ways on the subject too, stating before that he didn’t really need to work anymore and the workload was a lot. However, I think Jim explained his thinking - he loves being Stark and isn’t going to give that up completely, but I imagine he wants time to simply not have to be him, too. I’m pretty sure he’s given more than any actor has to any franchise in a ten year period in modern cinema.

Hemsworth has had nothing but failure outside the MCU. There’s no way he wants to not have Thor to fall back on, but he doesn’t want to star in another Thor 2, either.

Scarlett Johansson is in the best possible position as a female actor right now and Black Widow is the lynchpin - I think she’ll be more important going forward than most people realize right now - she’s going to be the tie between all these newer characters going forward as they all sit in different realms, but she’ll have been a constant in all of them after Endgame. You could see her just as easily turning up alongside Captain Marvel as Black Panther, the character is coming of age and a solo movie will cement that.

Ruffalo is happy just to be apart of the MCU at all, Hulk isn’t going anywhere.

Renner is super disappointed he’s not really even needed much, poor guy.


I think that was around the times he was renegotiating his contract. :slight_smile:

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As canny as his onscreen counterpart :wink:

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Renner won the movies lottery. He should just be happy they didn’t recast him.


He should. He looked pretty deflated in the Avengers Round Table though. I think he genuinely wanted Hawkeye to be a breakout character.

I guess he was, just in all the wrong ways.

I think the ‘end of an era’ stuff could well just be hype. There’s nothing concrete from any actor, the Marvel slate looks pretty empty but I think a large part of that is reluctance to announce stuff because of the plot elements of Endgame.

There’s a lot of assumption about characters going away, which aren’t without any foundation but Marvel movies now are in the status of making pretty much guaranteed good money (when was the last ‘flop’?). As mentioned someone like RDJ can keep picking up the cheques for cameos in a mentor role which extends him past the action standard. Maybe, maybe not but there’s no reason to really presume it won’t be like that.


Plus Fury needs to be around to herd the X-Men and be a foil to Gyrich. (Yes, I’m speculating).

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I hope not. That sounds like 2/3 of a terrible idea.


The Avengers and JLA comic were always weak without the bigger characters. Dr Druid FFS…


The big three are Starlord, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man I’d say.

Thor’s not going anywhere though.