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Endgame #1 PAGES (Kickstarter project)


Hey all, I’m the artist on a currently running Kickstarter campaign for the first issue of a comic called Endgame. The comic tells two stories that parallel one another-- a gritty sword and sorcery adventure and a slice of life teenager drama set in the 80s.

We would love if you’d take a look! ENDGAME #1 ON KICKSTARTER. We’re about $50 away with a few days to go, so any support would be appreciated!


Here’s a sample page:


Here’s another page! I used two styles for the two parallel storylines.

And again, the link to the Kickstarter is here! Thanks for looking!


We are FULLY FUNDED! Pages are all finished!

But your support would still be appreciated!

Here’s another page:

And again, the [URL=“”]link to the Kickstarter is here[/URL]! Thanks for looking!


Endgame #1 has 3 Hours left to go! We are fully funded but always looking for more support.

If you know anyone who is into sword-and-sorcery action, or 80’s teenage dramas, please tell them to give us a look!

And again, the [URL=“”]link to the Kickstarter is here[/URL]! THANKS!!!