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Empress Week - The Entire Creative Team get Interviewed!!!


Every member of the team is being interviewed in 6 interviews over 3 days. Then we’re going to see how the Empress comic gets made. Really great behind the scenes stuff.

Inker Wade Von Grawbadger is up first:

Then colourist Ive:

With Rachael, Stuart, Pete and I to follow over the next 48 hrs.

So exciting to think the comic is out tomorrow!!



It’s just like waiting for Santy Claus all over again. :slight_smile: Love the whole concept for this. And some great interviews there too.


This is a great week to have a new #1 out as the Black Panther series is going to get a LOT of people in comics stores tomorrow who wouldn’t otherwise go.

Hopefully the shops have Empress prominently displayed!


Our orders have been amazing. Bigger orders than any X-Men title by quite a margin. This is going to go really wide and we’re really happy as we worked really hard on it!



Congratulations Chief. I’m delighted for you and Stuart.


amazing! I hope you can do that to every millarworld book


Millarworlders - Don’t forget the Fan Chat with Stuart Immonen today at 2:00 PM New York time. Check the link at the bottom of the opening post to convert for your local time.


This is awesome.


See what you’ve done? Now I’M getting interviewed!!!



Just been reading this. When you mentioned the whole kids solving problems thing I thought you were going to reference Enid Blyton at first. But Alfred Hitchcock was a great children’s writer too :wink:

So is the 3 Investigators’ Jupiter Jones the true inspiration behind Legacy and Circle?