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Empress Short Story


Hey everyone!

My name’s Cian Tormey(@CianTormey), I’ve been a member of the boards here for a couple of years. As some of you know already, I’m a huge Empress fan.Tor in particular seemed like a guy with such a colourful past, I kept thinking about the situations he must have found himself in over the years… and while I was sketching the characters out, this short story started taking shape. So here’s a fun little bit of Tor’s past - I hope it does the guy justice!

The colours are by the amazing Mark Dale (@pleurgh) and the letters are by the excellent Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (@HassanOE). I really hope you guys enjoy what we’ve made!


That was a lot of fun, Cian.


You know I’m already a fan of yours, Cian, and you didn’t disappoint. Thanks to you and the team for making us smile.


Thanks a lot, Ronnie!


Best result I could hope for! Thanks a lot Drew, means a lot man


That’s fantastic stuff. Wow!


Thanks a lot, Tony!


I looooove this so much


You know you’re my favourite, Matt x


I’m sure you say that to all the comic writers who wanna work with you?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fricking brilliant work.


Fantastic art and story, Cian! Keep up the great work!


Hahaha, you’re good man, you’re too good!


Thanks a lot, Mark!


Will do Jerry, delighted you liked it!


this is really good, well done!


Thanks a lot, James!