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Empress movie gets an IMDB page


Just stumbled across this and very exciting!



Impressive! I’d pay money to see that film.


I’ll look forward to this.

Did Anne Hathaway really express interest in the film or is that someone extrapolating from the celebrity reveal?


You need a specific person to be your IMDb Editor, Mark. Just my few entries needed consistent gardening! Very strange things can pop up there! Anything you have signed with a studio should be there, marked either “Announced” or “Pre-Production”.

Please listen to your Miqque on this one! Don’t pull an Alan Moore!


I keep telling people to pick this book up. Most shrug and say that they’ll wait until the tpb. I’d love this if this was a movie or netflix series.


What about the two masked actors who were supposed to be unmasked 3 months ago ? :grin:


They’re feeling shy.


It looks like, I wonder why.


Typically the entire team won’t be announced until everything is in place - scriptwriter, director, other cast. Anytime it’s announced before then it’s for marketing. So I’d imagine the delay is locking down the script or securing the director or something.

All will be revealed soon, and it’ll be worth the wait. Empress could be/should be Mark’s biggest movie.


I’m not so much interested in the leads per title as I am Mark building up a small stable of consistent and identifiable “MillarWorld Actors”. Look at any of the franchises that has decades-long legs. Hammer Films, Roger Corman, the original Universal horror films or most of all the Harry Potter franchise. All have a core of “character” actors. People may not know the name Michael Ripper, but they know the face and general behavior of the guy who played the innkeeper-father-police-sergeant-rich-cousin.


What did I say about an IMDb editor? I meant now!

Now there’s a title problem.


Yeah i think you’re right Jim, it was maybe to soon to announce the cast, but as you said this could be Mark’s biggest movie and i’m looking forward to see it.[quote=“Miqque, post:11, topic:7575”]
Mark building up a small stable of consistent and identifiable “MillarWorld Actors”

That could be nice, i’m hoping for new MillarWorld movies to reveal some new actors as Kick-Ass did for Aaron Johnson and Kingsman for Taron Edgerton and having some great and famous actors in supporting roles as Nic Cage and Colin Firth, that’s something i thought was great on those MillarWorld movies !