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Empress actress removes the scarf!


If you STILL can’t tell who this is when we’re just down to glasses you really should be working at the Daily Planet:


Angelina Hathaway?


I seriously have no clue.

Lady Gaga?


I have no idea who it is. I’m happy to see that there are still potential employment opportunities for me in a major Metropolitan newspaper.


I do wonder if they got good insurance though. With all the hazards that come working there


There is that, but the paper does still seem to be surviving despite the overall decline in the print medium. Plus they have a budget to send Lois Lane all over the planet despite an overall reduction in budgets for overseas reporting. I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. They seem to be doing something right :smile:


I’m not on twitter so the # through me, for a moment I thought it said “Hempress”! (that will be the Cheech & Chong parody)


Emily Blunt?


Looks like it could be Margot Robbie to me, but not sure it is.

Also looks a bit like Sharon Stone circa beaver shot.


Quite funny that the House To Astonish podcast guys were laughing at how silly this was as it was clearly Anne Hathaway, any idiot could see that.

This latest picture really doesn’t look like it’s Anne Hathaway.


You fools! It’s clearly Clark Kent!


Lady gagaaaaaaa and mark hamill has the male lead.


That pic had to come from IMDb. They pick photos that a mother could not recognize.

Maybe there’s a bullet scar near the scapulae…


It’s deborah ann woll!

Just one more thing…
I’m good, aren’t I?!


It’s Gal Gadot.


Enough with the theatrics, Mark, we can all see clearly it’s you.


Olivia Wilde maybe?


Colin Firth?


So the glasses are next.

I do have to ask. After the glasses it the swearter coming off? Is the gonna be a monthly thing?

What happens when she runs out of clothes?


Did you happen to see Major League 2?

(explanation video - oft times I can be obscure)